June 2002 Events and Photos

Memorial Approval Letter Received
June 2002

Father Andrew Reads Approval Letter


Office of the Mayor

New York, N.Y. 10007

Re: CAU request number 0085

Dear Rev. Andrew Harrison

The City of New York has received your letter requesting a piece of steel from the September 1st, 2001 disaster recovery operations at the site of the former World Trade Center (the “Steel’). In response to your request, the City will provide you with a piece of Steel pursuant to the conditions described below. The Steel will be 2 feet in length. Upon return of a countersigned original of this letter by you, the City will begin the process of releasing into your custody a piece of the Steel on the terms described below.

1. The Steel will be used solely for a memorial and/or for a historical (public and educational) purpose; 2. The Steel will not be used for any commercial or financial gain; 3. You will accept the Steel in its “as is” condition and you acknowledge the current state of the World Trade Center site resulting from the September 11, 2001 tragedy and you accept all risk in connection with your use of the Steel; 4. You will be responsible for making all arrangements for transporting and shipping the Steel to your desired location; 5. You will be responsible for any and all costs and expenses associated with the transportation, storing, cleaning of the Steel and any other expenses; and 6. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of New York from and against all claims or expenses including, attorneys fees and court costs, by reason of any liability arising out of or in consequence of the City giving to you and your receipt of, transportation of and use of the Steel intended for a memorial or historical purpose. Dust and debris adhered to, or contained within cracks or voids in, the Steel surface may contain residual contaminants, including fibrous glass, asbestos or silica. The City of New York recommends that you take appropriate cleaning measures prior to handling the Steel.


Very truly yours, Thomas Curitore First Deputy Commissioner

Closer and Closer
June 2002

Dome construction continues

Here we see the framework for the dome which will cover the belltower. The framework will be covered with copper and placed in position and secured.

Circular window removed

This view shows the opening into the choir loft with the old circular window removed along with some of the bricks. Below we see the window removed intact and placed on the side.

Circular window removed

These are the two crosses that were donated for the building. The larger of the two will be placed on the top of the belltower dome and the smaller one will be placed on the peak of the building above the front door.

Crosses to be placed on the building

Town Meeting
June 2002

Report at town meeting

It is our belief and custom at St. Luke to hold town meetings as is necessary in addition it our annual meeting. We usually try to have two or three a year. We believe that it is our responsibilty to keep the parishioners informed and active in the life of the Church.

The agenda for this meeting was as follows:

  • Vote for Church Auditors
  • Report on new structure and discussion of additional expenses
  • Vote for Fund Raising Projects: Script Program and Buy a Brick
  • Core Values Survey Reminder


We Have Stairs!!
June 2002

New stairs have been poured

At long last we have stairs and the front doors have been moved out to the front of the building. No more temporary entrance. Below we can see the beginning of the dome for the bell tower. It will be built on the ground and then hoisted into place.

Beginning of dome for belltower

St Luke Recognizes It’s Graduates
June 2002

Individuals receive awards for their accomplishments

As is our custom as St. Luke, we recognized the accomplishments of our graduates. Our high school graduates each received a copy of the Orthodox Study Bible to take to college with them. Father Andrew also commented on how many of our students are either in medical school or headed there. As St Luke himself was a physician this seems more than appropriate. Our graduates were this year: Jr. High: Allison Murphy, Andrew Seper, Theodore Joseph (T.J) Rizo. High School: Julie Bauml, Jason Homiak, Christine Werbiansky. College: Suzy Bauml, Christine Johnson, Nina Kokayeff, Luke Kopulos, Will Stevens. Graduate School: Luba Johnson, Mary Jo Werbiansky.

Many Years sung for all our graduates

Coming Down The Home Stretch
June 2002

Belltower ready for the dome.. Front entrance awaiting stairs.

In the above pictures we can see the brickwork on the belltower completed. The Dome will be constructed on the ground and lifted into place. Also we can see the brickwork completed in the entrance ready for the steps to be poured.

First floor hallway.Classroom with ceiling tiles.

Here we can see down one of the hallways. The walls are painted and the ceiling is hung. In one of the classrooms we can see the drop ceiling in place and the ceiling tiles waiting to be placed.

View out the front of the building.Belltower stairs under construction.

These views show a view out the front windows on one of the rooms on the first floor and the stairs being constructed for the belltower.

Doors waiting to be placedOne of the doors already set.

New doors are being set into the frames. We can see one of the doors already in place.

Stairs to the basement. Celing lights are hung.

We now descend to the basement. Here are the stairs going down and we can see the walls are painted and the ceiling is hung with light fixtures in place


Get Ready, Get Set, Go!. No One Seems To Know Where The Soccer Ball Is..

The lift for the handicapped is installed and we can also see the security lights installed.

Church School Attendance Awards Presented
June 2002

Church School Director Presents Awards

This Sunday we honored our Church school teachers and students for all their hard work during the year. Lana, our church school director, presented attendance awards to those worthy students who earned them.

Let’s Make A Deal
June 2002

Father Andrew proposed a deal during the children's sermon.

During the children’s sermon today, Father Andrew gave one of the children a quarter and asked them if they wanted to make a deal and trade it for what was in the bag he was holding. He explained that this was like the old television show “Let’s Make a Deal.” He then went on to explain that Christ wants to make a deal with us. He wants us to give up our sinful ways such as stealing, lying, being disobedient to our parents, not doing our schoolwork and accept Him as Lord and savior and He will give us eternal life. For those interested, our youthful trader kept the quarter and turned down what was in the bag, which happened to be a new silver dollar.

Junior Olympians Honored
June 2002

Olympians enter while olympic theme is played

Our olympians entered the chruch to the music of the olympic theme. Chuck, our olympic director then described their accomplishments and presented awards. A great job was done by all and our thanks go out to all those involved. We even managed to win several medals.

Church or junior olympic director presents awards.

St Luke Competes In Junior Olympics
June 2002

The Team Assembled.

This is the third year St. Luke has been invited to participate in the Junior Olympics which the Chicago Greek Orthodox Archdiocese has sponsored for the past 21 years. Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Palos Hills hosts the event. We thank Frs. Byron Papanikolaou and Nicholas Jonas for extending an invitation to St. Luke. With only 24 participants we were able to win four medals: a gold medal by Jason Homiak and silver by Joe Bauml, both in chess, and a silver and bronze in tennis by Katie Bern. Three adults walked the 10 K Race. Next year we hope to have greater participation so that we can compete for more medals. All who participated will honored at the Liturgy on Sunday.

Carrying the St. Luke Banner.Lighting The Olypmic Flame.
Move Over Coach Ditka.Waiting For Their Events.
10 K. Is Too Far For Me But Not For Father Andrew.Two Or Our Young Men Lost In Thought.
Get Ready, Get Set, Go!.No One Seems To Know Where The Soccer Ball Is..


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