Liturgical Ministry Leader:  Deacon Stephen Hansen

Oversee the ministries listed below and any other ministry which may be established for the maintenance and growth of the parish’s overall liturgical program.  Represents the mentioned ministries on the parish council.  Submits monthly reports from the respective ministries to the Parish Council.

Deacons - Deacon Stephen Hansen
Sacristans & Alter Servers - Max Tsiones
Choir Director & Assistant Director - Prot. Michelle & Katherine Jannakos
Readers - Dn. Stephen Hansen
Flowers - Tammy Tsiones,  Doreen Manassas,  Shirley Hansen
Prosforo - Esther Poulos
Greeters - Angela Zekios Tatooles 
Philoxenia/Hospitality - Sherry Chakonas and Esther Poulos
Myrrhbearers & Junior Ushers - Marika Nickoloau
Bell Ringers - Dheanna Fikaris
Candles - Pat Dravillas, Dina Schaub,  Dn. Stephen Hansen
Wine - Dn. Stephen Hansen
Vestments / Altar Cloths - Tamara Tsiones