Name: Leah Aguilar
Job: Outreach Team Leader / Missions Coordinator

Prior to 2010 individual parishioners did short-term mission trips through OCMC (Orthodox Christian Mission Center, St. Augustine, Florida) to Romania, India, Africa, ALbania and Ukraine, and Project Mexico, in Mexico. In 2010 our interest in missions grew with 10 teens and adults going to Mexico and in 2011 13 teens and adults went to the Navajo, New Mexico and Blackfeet, Montana Indian reservations through YOCAMA (Young Orthodox Christian American Mission Adventures). My own involvement in missions began nearly 20 years ago through my work in international adoptions with one of the U.S.’s largest adoption agencies where I was employed as director of international adoptions. I have had the opportunity to do humanitarian work in orphanages throughout Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America. In the summer mission teams will be going through YOCAMA to the Navajo Indian reservation in New Mexico and the Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana. St. Luke is not participating in mission work through Project Mexico this summer. A July – August mission trip there is being coordinated by St. Helen and Constatine Greek Orthodox Church, Palos Hills. For any information on our mission program please contact me at:

Job Description

Oversee, (1) Evangelism, (2) Internet, (3) Media, (4) Sanctity of Life, (5) September 11th, (6) Garden Center, (7) Calendar, (8) Alcoholism, (9) College Student Outreach Ministry , (10) Missions, and any other ministry that may be established for the maintenance and growth of the parish’s overall evangelization program. Represent the mentioned ministries on the Parish Council. Submit monthly reports from the respective ministries to the Parish Council.

As Mission Coordinator I publicize opportunities for parishioners to become involved in mission programs sponsored by the Orthodox Church, coordinate fund-raisers and coordinate the application process for groups who elect to go on a mission trip.

1 – Evangelism – Lee Kopulos
2 – Internet – Mike Bauml
3 – Media – George Poulos
4 – Sanctity of Life – MaryJo Werbiansky
5 – September 11th Ministry – Caye Caswick
6 – Garden Center – Christine Bowen
7 – Calendar – Aristea Zekios
8 – Recovery Groups Liaison – Don Noble
9 – College Student Outreach Ministry – Sue Lisowski
10 – Missions Coordinator – Michaelyn Sloan

Current Events & Information:

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