Rector:  Archpriest Fr. Paul Jannakos

Fr. Paul is the Chancellor of the Diocese of the Midwest within the Orthodox Church of America.  In addition, Fr. Paul is the Rector at St. Luke, which serves as the pastor of the parishioners: he is entrusted by the diocesan authority with the duties of teaching them the rules of the orthodox faith and of the Christian life, of celebrating public divine services and rites according to the ecclesiastical order, of administering the holy sacraments, and guidance in Christian life. He is the spiritual father of the whole life and activities of his parish, its spiritual growth, and enlightenment, its orthodoxy and moral progress.

Besides his pastoral and liturgical duties, he: Implements and supervises parish ministries; Presides over all parish meetings, and is ex-officio member of all committees; Approves the agendas for all regular, annual and special meetings of the parish and council and reviews and signs the minutes of the same; Keeps records of baptisms, weddings, chrismations, funerals, and forwards any and all appropriate reports; Keeps the parish seal and registers marriages according to civil law; Oversees implementation of the decisions of the All-American Councils, of the Diocesan Assemblies, of the Diocesan Bishop, of the District Dean, of the annual and special meetings of the parish and council; Is responsible for the supervision of additional clergy who may be appointed or assigned by the Diocesan Bishop.

Proto Deacon Andrew Werbiansky (RIGHT)
Deacon Stephen Hansen (LEFT)