Basic Beliefs – Information about the Orthodox Church on a very basic level
The Divine Liturgy A To Z – 15 lessons about the Divine Liturgy
FAQ – Your basic potpourri of frequently asked questions
FAQ About the Orthodox Faith – Questions and Answers About Orthodoxy
Nicene Creed – Explains the Nicene Creed
Church Design & Iconography – Description of Orthodox Churches and Orthodox viewpoint on Iconography
The Orthodox Church – Excerpt from Dictionary of Religion – A History Of The Orthodox Church
The Orthodox Position On Alternative Religions – Comparison Of Orthodox Theology With Those Of Other Religions
The Spiritual Legacy of Fr. Vladimir Borichevsky – With An Introduction From Father Andrew Harrison
Tracts of Wisdom – A Series of Educational tracts
The Date of Holy Easter – An explanation of the date of Easter
Sacred Music: – It’s Nature And Function
A Dictionary Of The Eastern Orthodox Church: – Names and words with their pronunciations and application to the Orthodox faith
An Orthodox Catechism: – An explanation of the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments
The Calendar Of The Orthodox Church: – An explanation feast days and bible readings for the year
A Brief Catechism of the Orthodox Catholic Eastern Church: – A catechism of some of the basic beliefs of the Orthodox Church
An Intermediate Course Of Study On The Orthodox Church: – A Study Course on the Orthodox Church
The Commandments of the Church – A set of nine rules for all Orthodox Christians
Is the Orthodox Church Catholic? – How To Defend Your Faith
Short Questions And Answers Of The Eastern Orthodox Faith – Answers concerning Confession, Communion, Baptism, and more
The Lay Apostolate – An Introduction to it’s Basic Commitments
Information for New Orthodox Christians – A series of short articles
History of the Orthodox Church in America – Separated by Force united by Love – The Triumph Of Orthodoxy In America.
The Commandments of the New Testament – Biblical References of Christ’s Commands
How Old is the Orthodox Faith? – Comparisons to other Faiths
You Tube – A listing of Orthodox videos on
Why Not Open Communion? – An Explanation
Eucharistic Gestures – The meaning of Holy Communion
Carpatho-Russia: The Land of a Thousand Villages. A History of the Ruthenia, Galicia, Lemko, and Orthodox Greek Catholic Unia – An Ethnic History
Dormition or Assumption? – An Explanation by the Very Rev. John Breck
The Epitaphion – The Meaning of “Epitaphion”
Notes And Comments On The Question Of Liturgical Practices – A Letter to My Bishop by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann
The Inner Kingdom PDF File – The Collected Works Volume One
– By Bishop Kallistos Ware