Name: Christine Bischoff


Job Description

Receives and banks all monies collected (the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and the Assistant Lay Chairperson are responsible for counting all monies received by the Parish). Is responsible for all bookkeeping records and accounts and makes all records available for audit. Drafts checks to cover Church expenses and is responsible for such expenditures (all checks shall be signed by two of the following: the Rector, Lay Chairperson, Treasurer, Recording Secretary). Prepares Annual Financial Reports for the Parish, monthly reports for the Parish Council, and the Annual Budget documents. Reports and discloses all financial information required in accordance with Federal, State, and Local government inquiries. Defends any and all creditor actions of claims against the Church with concurrence of the Lay Chairperson. Under the supervision of the Lay Chairperson, is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and controlling all financial systems necessary for the business operation of the Church.