On The Lighter Side

Take a break and share some laughs with us. Please feel free to pass on any jokes you wish to add by emailing us. We will add them to the site as long as they are tasteful.

Church Services Of The Future – Electronic Worship.
A Nun Grading Papers – Humorous answers.
More Holy Humor – Short humorous stories.
Staying Safe – Statistically some places are safer than others.
Who Say Religion Can’t Be Funny? – On the lighter side.
Godly Humor – On the lighter side.
30 Books Of The Bible – Can you find all 30 books?
Christian One Liners – A bit of humor and a bit of wisdom
Letters To God – Children write to God
Church Signs – Not your everyday signs
Candidates For Church Leader – Who’s your choice?
Bible Lessons from Sunday School – Not your typical Sunday School lessons
Christian Humor – Humorous Short Stories
Top Ten Signs That Indicate You Might Be An Orthodox Christian – See How Many Apply To You
Church Bulletin Bloopers – Words can mislead
Which Is The Tradition? – A humorous tale about tradition
Why English Is Difficult To Learn – Words can be deceiving
English Is A Crazy Language – Humerous Phrases
What Would People Say? – Three Clergy Pick Their Eulogys
Letters To A Priest – Letters With A Twist
The Things That Kids Say – Out of the Mouths of Babes
Children’s Bible – An Unpublished Version
I Stand At The Door – When a Priest Comes Visiting
Great Truths About Life – On the lighter side of life
What Children Say! – Short stories with a youthful point of view.
Bits And Pieces! – Short Humorous Tales.
Holy Humor! – Short One Liners.
Explanation Of God! – One Child’s Interpretation.
Inner Strength! – Does This Describe You?
Baptizing A Drunk – Did You Find Jesus?
More Church Bulletin Bloopers – Be careful what you write
Children In Church – Not exactly established doctrine
More Children In Church – Not exactly established doctrine
The Golden Telephone – It’s a local call
Thou Shall Not Drink – A River Of Booze
The Bible Thru The Eyes Of A Child – Not your standard translation