The Prayer by Alexis Carrel MD
On Suffering: Thy Will Be Done – Article on suffering by Rev. Dr. Dean P. Talagan
Prayers for Sickness and Healing – Assorted prayers for health
Memorial Service for the Departed – Liturgical text of Memorial Service for departed (also found under Liturgical Texts)
Mother Alexandra – Commentaries on prayer by Mother Alexandra
Prayer Rope – Meditations of a Monk of the Holy Mountain
Preparation For Confession – Some useful guidelines
Priest’s Prayer Book – A collection of prayers
Praying The Liturgy – By A Monk of the Orthodox Church
Why We Pray For The Dead – An Explanation Concerning Prayers For the Dead
On The Invocation Of The Name Of Jesus – by a Monk of the Eastern Church
Preparation Prayers for Communion – Prayers to prepare for Holy Communion
Prayers of Thanksgiving after Communion – Prayers for after Holy Communion
Bishop’s Prayer For Sanctity Of Life – From Sanctity Of Life Service
An Abbreviated Prayerbook – Morning And Evening Prayers