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Orthodox Patron Saint For The Internet
St. John Chrysostom

An icon of St. John Chrysostom.

Our Internet team selected St. John Chrysostom as the Orthodox Patron Saint of the Internet after reading the article about the need for a patron saint From the hagiography of St. John Chrysostom we concluded that if he had access to the Internet during his life on earth he would have put it to the best use.

He is known as the saint with the golden mouth because of his fiery sermons, his call to simplicity and the spiritual impact he had on the political climate of his time. Through his catechetical lectures and his teaching on marriage and family he certainly would have enjoyed the ability of the Internet to reach a wide audience by directly penetrating into the home.

He would have protested the widespread use pornography over the Internet. One could imagine what sermons he would have preached condemning those who participate in the production, filming and dissemination of such trash. He would also castigate those who purchase it and watch it as it is they who are the most responsible.

Today we have preserved a small amount of his life time writing and his dictated sermons. Even with this small amount of material it is quite extensive. He would have enjoyed the ability of the Internet to archive his works for future generations.

Among his preserved works are 245 letters of spiritual direction which are only a small amount of his correspondence. He certainly would have used e-mail as a tool to help those who were struggling with emotional and spiritual issues of faith.

He would have made every effort via the Internet to preach and teach about Jesus Christ and preserve Orthodoxy. He would be involved and an ecumenical dialogue placing a great effort in bringing back those who have been seduced by Internet false teachers and new age philosophy. He would also have used the fundraising capabilities of the Internet to support the poor, orphans and widows.

Our Internet team is sure that one can find many other reasons why St. John Chrysostom is truly the patron saint of the Internet. We hope you agree. Please let us know.

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