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Spring 2015 Articles

40 by Karen Verderber
The Canon Of St. Andrew by Lee Kopulos
Journey Through The Lenten Season by Diane Nickolaou
Father’s Corner: Mother Ines Of Hogar Rafael Orphanage In Guatemala by Father Andrew Harrison
O Death Where Is Your Sting by Aristea Zekios
The Beauty Of Spiritual Reading by Else Tennessen

Winter 2015 Articles

Adult Children Of Alcoholism And Drug Addiction by Father Andrew Harrison
Jesus Christ, The Ultimate Counselor And Healer by Matthew Potter
Mind, Body, And Soul by V. Rev. Fr. Howard E. Sloan
You Wanna Go Where!? by Lynn Betsanes

Fall 2014 Articles

History Of The Repatriation Of The Russian Mystery Bell by Father Andrew Harrison
Bells Are Ringing by Lynn Betsanes
Centuries Old Bell Returned To Kodiak Island by Repatriation Committee
On Living The Christian Life: Teaching From St. Innocent Of Alaska by Else Tennessen

Spring 2014 Articles

A Day In The Life Of An Athonite Pilgrim by Peter Tatooles
A Mountaintop Experience by Ken Stevens
Journey To The Heart Of The Orthodox Church – Mount Athos by Father Andrew Harrison
The Experience Of Mount Athos by Warren Bensinger

Winter 2014 Articles

A New Life at 74 by Billie Rosepa
Volunteer by Chance by Christine Bowen
Book Review: At the End of Time by Else Tennessen
Bringing Christlikeness to the Streets of New York City by Sdn. John Segvich
Midnight Confessions by Karen Verderber
Father’s Corner by Father Andrew Harrison

Summer 2013 Articles

New Mexico Mission Experience by Sarah Hanson
Where Is The Holy Spirit? by Lynn Betsanes
Missionary Tales by Bruce and Gloria Appling
Two Reflections On A Missionary Trip by Michaelyn Sloan
Montana Mission Trip by Tristen Isom
Steps Of St. Herman by Father Andrew Harrison

Spring 2013 Articles

From Baptist To Orthodoxy by Matthew Potter
My Journey To Orthodoxy by David M. Huisman
My Journey To Orthodoxy by Else Tennessen
Journey To Orthodoxy by Mark Bach
Back Door by Father Andrew Harrison
An Essay For Lent by Unknown
Growing by Mark Bach

Winter 2012 Articles

Churching by Father Andrew Harrison
The Church? by Aristea Zekios
The Role Of Women In The Church by Michaelyn Sloan
On Women In Orthodoxy by Mark Bach
It,s Not Just About The Book – St. Lukes Book Club by Karen Verderber
Book Review – Feminism And Tradition By Lawrence Farley by Else M. Tennessen
Extreme Makeover by Karen Verderber
Shop The St. Luke Bookstore For Christmas by Else M. Tennessen

Summer 2012 Articles

Fr. Andrew’s Corner by Father Andrew Harrison
Doable Evangelism Program by Lee Kopulos
Ordinary To Extraordinary by Aristea Zekios
NPL A Recipe For Success by Karen Verderber

Spring 2012 Articles

12 Noon by Karen Verderber
Why Read The Bible? by Else Tennessen
Book Review: The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About the Humanity of Christ, by Patrick Henry Reardon by Else Tennessen
Julia The Humpback by Father Andrew Harrison
Reflections On Great Lent by Mark Bach

Fall 2011 Articles

Faith And Love by Zakaria Ibrahim
God Has A Plan by Caroline Potter
On Faith by Mark Bach
Book Review: Saint George And The Dragon by Else-Maria Tennessen
Sunday Song by Pat Dime on behalf of her husband Rick

Summer 2011 Articles

Fr. Andrew’s Corner by Father Andrew Harrison
Heaven – Is It For Real? by Karen E. Verderber
On Heaven by Mark Bach
Heaven And Earth Intertwined by Michaelyn Sloan
Heaven, A Place Or Spiritual Media by Zakaria Ibrahim

Spring 2011 Articles

Seminar On Confession by Sue Lisowski
Fifteen Notes On Prayer by Fr. Thomas Hopko
Preparation Of Confession by Fr. Jonas

Fall 2010 Articles

School Of The Seventy: Irish Missionary Saints by Else Tennessen
A Week Never To Be Forgotten by Joan Betsanes
A Week In My Life by Lynn Betsanes
“Todos Ustedes Son Muy Hermoso Pueblo”
(You’re All Very Beautiful People
by Maria Kopulos
The Ultimate Reward by Stephanie Aboutar
Project Mexico – Amazing Experience by Allie Evangelopoulos

Summer 2010 Articles

On Tolerance by Mark Bach
Thoughts On Religious Tolerance In The Orthodox Church by Fr. Andrew Harrison
Tolerance Remembers by Mark Bach
Tolerance: Religious, Ideological, And Practical by Zakaria Ibrahim

Spring 2010 Articles

Lent: A Time Of Freedom – A Reflection by Else Tennessen
Job, Holy Week, And Me by Mark Olson
Text Of A Sermon On The Prodigal Son by Father Andrew Harrison

Winter 2009 Articles

The National Council Of Churches Of Christ And Orthodox Unity by Father Andrew Harrison
On The Need For Unity Of The Faith In North America by Philip Stamatakos
Progress Towards Unity Of The Orthodox In North America by Lee Kopulos

Fall 2009 Articles

What’s A Cubit? by Mike Bauml
Student’s Feedback On The Old Testament by Aristea Zekios
When Bad Things Happen by Diane Wilczak

Summer 2009 Articles

Angels And Demons: A Study In Science Verses Religion by Ken Stevens
Father Andrew Attends Summer Conference At St. Vladamir’s Seminary June 18-20 by Father Andrew Harrison
Science And Religion: A Pursuit Of Truth by Mark Bach
Science And Religion by Mark Olson

Spring 2009 Articles

St. Luke’s Orthodox School Of The Seventy: Can You Learn On Your Own? by Else Tennessen
Books And Orthodoxy: A Journey Home by Jeremy Taluzek
A Journey To Joy by Emma Cazabonne
Book Review: One Flew Over The Onion Dome by Lee Kopulos
School Of All by Mark Bach
Spiritual Reading For Lent by Else Tennessen

Winter 2008 Articles

Would You Go On A Mission? by Father Andrew Harrison
Orthodox Online by Else Tennessen
Faith Overcomes Fear by Michaelyn Sloan
My Mission Trip To Tanzania by Clark Wilson

Fall 2008 Articles

A Priest, A Friend, A Mentor by Caye Caswick
Notes From The Junior High Class by Aristea Zekios – Instructor
Orthodox Christian Mission Center Trip To Romanian Youth Camps by Editor
Diocesan Representative Report March 2008 Meeting by Lee Kopulos
Worship In The Early Christian Church by Lee Kopulos

Spring 2008 Articles

Suicide Prevention by Father Andrew Harrison
Prayer Powers by Else Tennessen
2008 Annual Women’s Retreat by Diane Wilczak
My Prayer by Mary Kincaid
Our Saints Show Us The Way by Aristea Zekios

Winter 2007 Articles

Fr. Andrew’s Mission To Romania by Father Andrew Harrison
St. Lukes Night Of Sharing: Putting Our Faith Into Action by Pearl Homiak
The Maze by Emily Olson
What If God Made Resolutions by Mike Bauml

Fall 2007 Articles

Smile Though Your Heart is Aching by Karen Verderber
How Do You Say Smile In Russian? by Michaelyn Sloan
Feathered Connections by Pearl Homiak
How I Truly Begin To See God by Editor
What Makes Me Smile by Lynn Betsanes
With New Eyes by Else Maria Tennessen

Summer 2007 Articles

7th Annual Quad Parish Picnic by Caye Caswick
Church School Summer Break? by Aristea Zekios
Garden Center Services – Where Dignity And Independence Grow by Christine Bowen
More In Media by Else Tennessen
Worship Is Our Hour On Mount Tabor by Alexandria Lukashonak

Spring 2007 Articles

Father Andrew’s Corner: St. Luke’s Connection to the Past by Father Andrew Harrison
Getting Ready For Holy Pascha by June Anderson
Maintenance Ministry by Nick Lisowski
Retreat Reflections by Else Tennessen

Winter 2006 Articles

The Sophia Polygon by Clark Wilson
Calculating Our Vital Signs by Ken Stevens
The Journey of a Prayer Request by Mary Kincaid
Father Andrew’s Corner: What is a Uniat? by Father Andrew Harrison

Fall 2006 Articles

The Sanctity of Life Issue and Complacency by Mary Jo Werbiansky
It Takes a Parish by Diane Wilczak
Church School News by Aristea Zekios
The Sophia Polygon by Clark Wilson
The Extraordinary Personal Qualities of our Patron St. Luke by Lee Kopulos

Summer 2006 Articles

The Practice of Communal Confession. by Father Andrew Harrison
Annual Blood Drive at St. Luke Parsih by Sharon Mochel
Another kind of Love. by June Anderson
Church Growth: Are we Making Time of just Marking Time? by Pearl Homiak
Living Life On-Purpose…It’s No Breeze…. by Ken Stevens
Patriot’s Day Tribute. by Caye Caswick

Spring 2006 Articles

Just What Is Great Lent Anyway? by Alexandria Lukashonak
Church Growth: Why Should We Care? by Pearl Homiak
Define The Divine by Clark Wilson
Service Books by Father Andrew Harrison
One Man’s Journey Thru Lent by Mike Bauml
Pascha, Seen Throught The Eyes Of A Child by Karen Verderber

Winter 2005 Articles

Imagine by Mike Bauml
Orthodoxy and the Divine Feminine by Clark Wilson
The Benefits of Unity by Lee Kopulos

Summer 2005 Articles

The Silent Prayers Of The Divine Liturgy. by Father Andrew Harrison
Orthodox School Of The Seventy: Guiding Theme. by Clark Wilson
Once More With Feeling. by Mike Bauml
Reflections On Worship. by Alexandria Lukashonak
Report On The 14th All American Council. by Philip Neznanov, Lay Delegate and Caye Caswick, Observer
Worship Requires Surrender. by Ken Stevens

Spring 2005 Articles

2005 March For Life: A Humbling Experience by Pearl Homiak
Discovering The Journey To Financial Freedom by Pearl Homiak
St. Lukians Embark On A Spiritual Journey by Ken Stevens
Our Last Day On Earth by Mike Bauml
Orthodox School Of The Seventy: The Design by Clark Wilson
Destination – Pascha: A Church School Family Pre-Lenten Retreat by Aristea Zekios
The Mystery Of Woman And Her Destiny by Helen Jonas

Fall 2004 Articles

20th Anniversary Celebration by Aristea Zekios
Cooperation With The Work Of The Holy Spirit by Father Andrew Harrison
DCFS Christmas Toy Drive by Colleen Zimny
Handmaidens – “Myrrhbearers” of the 21st Century by Lynn Betsanes
History Of The St. Luke Parish Building by Father Andrew Harrison
Orthodox Christian Synergy Symposium 2004 by Pearl Homiak

Summer 2004 Articles

The Cemetery Mission at St. Luke Orthodox Church. by Roslyn Stevens, Cemetery Correspondent
The Orthodox Christian Laity – The Quest for Unity of the Church in America. by Lee Kopulos – Lay Chairperson
Missionary Sendoff. by Dr. Spero Kinnas
Creating An Infinite Number Of Christian Faiths. by Mike Bauml
Core Value V: Living by the Authority of the Scriptures. by Pearl Homiak

Spring 2004 Articles

A Double Header by Aristea Zekios
God’s Will And Free Will by Sue Liskowski
Hobby Or Idol? You Decide by Mike Bauml
Father Andrew And Pat – Missionaries To India by Editor
Comments On “The Passion Of Christ” by Caye Caswyk
Paying It Forward – Jumpstarting a New Orthodox Mission by Editor

Winter 2004 Articles

Communal Confession: Look It Is Just Like Sunday by Father Andrew Harrison
Everybodys Going Surfing by Michael S. Bauml Web Coordinator
Lenten Family Retreat by Aristea Zekios
Core Values IV: Gaining Direction And Power Through The Holy Spirit by Pearl Homiak
What Is The Holy Spirit Saying To Saint Luke Parish? Part II: Awareness by Pearl Homiak

Summer 2003 Articles

St. Luke Core Value III: Expressing Genuine, Heartfelt Worship to God. by Pearl Homiak
“My Latest Visit To Hogar Ayau Raphael.” by Michaelyn Sloan
“How God Has Worked In My Life – He Always Provides. by Pearl Homiak
The Orthodox Marriage Ceremony: Why It Is The Way It Is. by Father Andrew Harrison
Turning Fear Into Faith by Ken Stevens
What Is The Holy Spirit Saying To St. Luke Parish? Part I – Discovery by Pearl Homiak, Lay Delegate

Winter 2003 Articles

A “Just” War? by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
St. Luke Core Values II: Love And Encourage One Another by Pearl Homiak
My Tale Of Orthodox Bells by Lynn Betsanes
People At St. Luke: Meet The Dandeles Family by Editor
The St. Luke Secret Service by Mike Bauml
Vespers: When And Where Did It Originate? by Editor

Fall 2002 Articles

Bishop Seraphim in Chicago: Orthodox Fundamentalism by Pearl Homiak
St. Luke Core Values by Pearl Homiak
Cremation: Why is it Banned for Orthodox Christians? by Editor
Synergy Symposium: Evil in Our World Today by Pearl Homiak
Easy to Say-Hard to Do by Father Andrew Harrison
St. Luke Women’s Retreat: Healing of the Soul by Caye Caswick
How God Worked in My Life: Guardian Angel by Pat Ketchmark and Gustavo Bonano
How God Worked in My Life: Unwelcome Seperation by Michaelyn Sloan
How God Worked in My Life: Coming Back to My Roots by Caye Caswick
People at St. Lukes: Meet the Zerlentes Family by Editor

Summer 2002 Articles

Why A Piece Of The World Trade Center? by Father Andrew Harrison
It’s Not Mine, It’s A Loaner by Michael Bauml
“Putting God First” Is First Among St. Luke Parishioners by Ken Stevens
People at St. Luke by Editor
Be Still by Alexandria Lukashonak
13th All-American Council: An Overview by Roslyn Stevens, Lay Delegate
How God Worked in My Life by Multiple Authors

Spring 2002 Articles

St. Luke Parish: The Next Step by Mike Bauml, Immediate Past Lay Chairperson
Holy Unction And The Passion Play by Father Andrew Harrison
Holy Week Schedule For 2002
Mommie, Did It Hurt Jesus? by Aristea Zekios
Women’s Retreat X 2 by Caye Caswyk
Coming Up: 18th Annual Hike For Life by Mary Jo Werbiansky

Winter 2002 Articles

How St. Luke Orthodox Church Developed – 18 Years of Change by Some Church Founders
The Orthodox Church Does Not Change? by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Changes Change Us – For Better Or Worse by Alexandria Lukashonak.
Change: A Fact Of Life by Pearl Homiak
People At St. Luke: Meet Andrea Dauro Multiple

Fall 2001 Articles

The Twelve Days of Christmas – They’re When? by Pearl Homiak
Alien Life Forms: Is There Anybody Out There by Michael Bauml
It’s Time To Get To Work… by Anton C. Vrame, Ph.D.
Parish News by Multiple

Summer 2001 Articles

Modesty Revisited by Wendy Shalit
One Nation Under God! by Michael Bauml
Spirit Lifters by Aristea Zekios
Saint Luke: Dear and Glorious Physician by Lee Kopulos
Out of Gas or Divine Intervention? by John Verderber

Spring 2001 Articles

It’s Time to Walk the Talk by Lee Kopulos
Boot Camp: The Way to Go by Pearl Homiak
Differences of Opinion by Father Andrew Harrison
Hey, What’s Up with the Key Chain? by Michael Bauml
Ode to a Mobile Unit by Stea Zekios

Winter 2001 Articles

Delegate to the National Council of Churches by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
The Gay Lifestyle and Orthodox Christianity by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Do Not Remove this Tag under Penalty of Law by Michael Bauml
Parish News by Multiple
Father Andrew Attends the NCCC General Assembly by Anton C. Vrame, Ph.D.

Summer 2000 Articles

I’m Not Wild about Harry by Aristea Zekios
Father Giliguist: Let’s Take a Lesson from Harry by Pearl Homiak
Project Mexico Mission Trip by Father Howard Sloan
Concerns about New Age Trends by Sue Lisowski
Wedding Singer by Michael Bauml

Spring 2000 Articles

Death and the Toll House Controversy by Deacon Andrew Werbiansky
The Soul After Death by Reader Herman Kinkaid
Death and the Genome by Archpriest Andrew Harrison

Winter 2000 Articles

To Heal Reason: Science and Religion in Russian Culture by Vladimir Katasonov
The Science of Forgiveness by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim by Deacon Danial Doss
What Our Parishioners Said about Lent and Pascha by Unknown
The Sacrament of Stewardship: Are We Engaging in It? by Pearl Homiak
Charities Update by John Verderber

Fall 1999 Articles

Air Force Academy by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Regarding the Icons by Laurie Bauml
A Christian Role Model by Daniel Manzuk
The Found Ark by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Orthodox Forum by Sue Lisowski
Canoeing the Des Plains by Michael Bauml
Grow One Toward Tithing by Andrea Dauro
A Dream Fulfilled by Aristea Zekios and Maria Vrame

Summer 1999 Articles

School Bells Are Ringing by Aristea Zekios
Seminar on Confession by Sue Lisowski
Russians Welcomed by Luba Johnson
All American Council by Anthea Lukanshonak
Serve the Lord with Gladness by Deacon Danial Doss
Great Kids, Great Staff and a Good Time! by Pearl Homiak

Spring 1999 Articles

Inter-Communion by Michael Bauml
Communion & Hospitality by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Amen And Anchoo: Communion and the Spread of Germs by Sue Liskowski
7 Habits Of A Visitor Friendly Church by Lee Kopulos
Jerusalem by John Adamovich
This Knot by Clark Wilson

Winter 1999 Articles

My Conversion by Matushka Alexandra Lukashonak
Monastery Pilgrimage by Luba Johnson
Parish Planning Session by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
This Knot by Clark Wilson

Fall 1998 Articles

National Council of Churches by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
The Uniqueness of the Virgin Mary by Lee Kopulos
Marriage in Orthodoxy by John Adamovich
Father Hopko on Sexuality by Pearl Homiak
St. Lukes Hosts Ordinations by Sue Lisowski
This Knot by Clark Wilson

Summer 1998 Articles

Native American Pathways to Orthodoxy by Marianne Poulos
A Sermon by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Perspective on St. Luke by Michael Bauml
Adult Education by John Adamovich
Church School by MaryJo Werbianski

Spring 1998 Articles

St. Luke Says Ole’ to Project Mexico by Luke Kopulos
Reflections on the Holy Lands by Archpriest Andrew Harrison
Great Lent – A Journey to Pascha by Ezzat Doss