As deacon, my primary function is to serve. I serve at the altar and assist Father Andrew. I also teach the teen class, sharing teaching responsibilities with other parishioners. Christ set the example of service when he washed the disciples’ feet. Being a deacon allows me to serve God and his people.

Job Description

1. Deacons are assigned to the parish by the Bishop and are the Rector’s assistants: therefore they are not part of the Parish Council. The Deacon’s place in the community is one of humble “service to the least of her brothers and sisters”. They may attend Council meetings and represent the rector when he is not able to attend. They may report on projects that have been assigned to them by the rector. They do not have a vote on council decisions.

2. Duties – with the knowledge and blessing of the Rector; Represent the parish at the Diocesan Assembly; Teach Bible studies and catechetical classes; Visit shut-ins, prisoners, and the sick; Assist when possible at all liturgical and sacramental functions; Help Rectors in other parishes with liturgical and sacramental functions; Be cognoscente of, church attendance and conduct and report when necessary; Be available for charitable outreach, mission and evangelism.

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The Problem of the Diaconate in the Orthodox Church