Orthodox Flyer.

General Information – General information about St. Luke Parish such as the mission and vision statements

Defintion of Word Orthodox – Explains precisely what Orthodox means and how it is used.
History – A brief history of St. Luke Parish.
Fr. Marquette’s Mission and the Calumet Portage – An alternate History of the founding of the city of Chicago.
Guidelines and Canons – Practices and Rules of the church.
Bylaws of Saint Luke – Organizational Procedures.
Customs and Traditions – Explanation of various ethnic customs and traditions.
Fasting – An Explanation of Fasting in the Orthodox Church.
History Of The Parish Building – A History of the parish building since it’s construction in 1904.
How To Make Altar Bread – Description Of How To Make Altar Bread, Russian And Greek Style
Why We Light Candles Before Icons – An Explanation of the Custom of Lighting Candles
Why We Use The 3-Bar Cross – An Explanation of the Three Bar Cross
How to make the sign of the cross – An Explanation of How to Make the Sign of the Cross
Why We Pray For the Dead – An Explanation Concerning Prayers For the Dead
Commemoration of the Departed – An Explanation of the Panahida Service
Behavior in Church – Guidelines on Appropriate Behavior in Church
Preparation For Confession – Guidelines on Approaching Confession
Preparation For Confession #2 – Guidelines on Approaching Confession
Preparation Of Confession – Guidelines on Approaching Confession
Preparation Prior To Holy Communion – How to Prepare for Holy Communion
Prayers Before Holy Communion – Prayers To Prepare For Holy Communion
Prayers After Communion – Prayers of Thanksgiving After Holy Communion
Construction Slideshow – Slideshow of St. Luke Building Construction
World Trade Center Tribute – View St. Luke’s memorial and memorial events to the September 11th attacks
Installation Of Parish Council Oath – Complete Text
Help Children Worship – A Guide For Helping Children With Worship