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God Gave The Divine Liturgy

Jesus told the Apostles to go prepare for the Passover Meal. Passover is the annual feast which the people remember the time GOD saved them from death and freed them from slavery in Egypt.

Who led the Israelites from Egypt? Moses.

What fell from the sky? Manna.

At the Last Supper, the Apostles watched and listened to last things the Lord said and did. Jesus gave them the Holy Eucharist (BREAD OF LIFE) and what is considered the first DIVINE LITURGY ever offered. Jesus Christ wanted EVERYONE to eat the Bread of Life.

Ex. 12

He gave the Liturgy to the Church to be celebrated until the end of time. At the Last Supper Jesus told the Apostles: “AS THE BREAD IS BROKEN FOR THEM SO WOULD HIS BLOOD BE SHED ON THE CROSS.’ The next day on Good Friday, the Apostles saw that everything that Jesus said would happen. It happened. Jesus was crucified on the Cross.

Matt. 26

After the Last Supper, the Apostles began to meet with other Christians to remember the Lord Jesus Christ. They would take bread and wine, pray over them, bless them and receive them and sing songs of praise and speak about all the teachings that Jesus had given them. As the people began to receive Holy Communion they would feel the presence of Jesus in them.

Every Sunday the Divine Liturgy is like having a LITTLE EASTER. We remember the Lord in the way that he commanded us. The Church still continues to offer the sacrifice in the Liturgy. Every Sunday the bread is broken and the wine is poured out in REMEMBRANCE OF THE DEATH OF CHRIST FOR US.


What is Passover? Annual Feast in remembrance when God freed the Israelites from slavery.

What is the Holy Eucharist? THE BREAD OF LIFE.

When the bread is broken and wine poured, this is done in remembrance of what? The death of Christ for us.

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