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Weekly Prayer List December 16th, 2018

Please remember in your prayers:

1. Proto Deacon George – Will have a cardiac catheterization for definitive diagnosis and whatever intervention that dictates.
2. Helen Jonas – Got caught on a carpet at Staples & fell. Broke her elbow & many bruises.
3. Rhonda – Was sent home due to breathing problems under anesthesia. Doctors will develop a new plan. Prayers that they can do something to safely ease her pain are appreciated – Rhonda is Mary Jo’s sister.
4. Paul, Maria, Basilia & Anthony – been battling multiple virus & can’t seem to get better.
5. Healthy Pregnancy for Mother & Baby: Emily, Franny, Janelle, Bridget, Marika, Renee and Ashley.
6. Through the Intercessions of St. Nectarios, pray unto God for those who are battling cancer: Stuart, Susan, Lori, Mike, Stefan, Lincoln, Kathleen, Gabriella, John, Mike, Connie, Nancy, Robert, Gary, Mary, Helen, Rick, Drew, Lauren, Henry, Tom, Patti, Ellen, Lynn and Lynn.
7. Our St. Luke Family: Paul and Sylvia for health and Allie for safety in Spain.
8. Please remember our Orthodox Prisoners: Refer to your list for names.
9. Joe Partoll – Son of Larry and the late Helen Partoll, has fallen asleep in the Lord on 12-6. Please remember this family in your prayers – Obituary @ DeMar Kaminski Funeral Home. Memory Eternal.
10. Elaine Kornafel – Fell asleep in the Lord – mother of Deacon John from Sts. Peter & Paul Church in Burr Ridge – Please pray for her son Dn. John, Matushka Julie and granddaughters, Katelyn and Megan. Memory eternal.
11. Don - Prayers for good results from biopsy on Monday December 17th.
12. Julie & Sean - Safe travel in California.
13. Colleen Sell, 9 years old, fell asleep in the Lord. Her grandfather is Ken Juhas parish member of Sts. Peter & Paul in Burr Ridge. Please pray for strength for Colleen's parents, Brian and Kathi and entire family.
14. Please add the family of Michelle S, for strength and peace. Michelle was in a car accident last week, and passed away on Thursday.
15. Henry, friend of Diane W. and on our St. Nectarios list, has fallen asleep in the Lord. Please also pray for strength for his wife Marlene.
16. Timmy, our second grader, goes for another MRI on Jan. 8th. Please start praying now for a clean bill of health.

More please for:

1. Bishop Athanasius of the diocese of Western Kenya – Hospitalized in Connecticut.
2. Debra Shiflett – Complete healing from surgery on 12-7.
3. Scott – Cousin of Pat Ketchmark, asking for prayers that his surgery on 12-13 was successful and he will have a decrease in his Parkinson’s symptoms.
4. Christine Bowen – Prayers that she gets the best doctor, as soon as possible, to correct her atrial tachycardia.
5. George – Doing very well after a double by-pass heart surgery on 12-6 – prayers for continued healing – neighbor of Mike & Mary.
6. Bernadette – Friend of Karen Verderber and family – hospitalized for a battery of tests – prayers for good test results and full recovery.

Repeat prayer requests for the young children:

1. Ella Sabine Casten - spinal muscular atrophy.
2. Mark - 8 year old diagnosed with leukemia.
3. Blake - Teenager with severe seizures - Nieman Pick Disease.
4. Trenton - 7 year old had meningitis - now blind with severe handicaps.
5. Alex B. - Improved health.
6. Laine - rare Batten's Disease. (her brother died for this).
7. Liam - Fighting Muscular dystrophy.
8. Matthew 11 years old with muscular dystrophy.
9. Austin, Barbara Pappas' grandson who has a brain tumor.
10. Evelyn - 6 yr old - survived heart surgery to remove a cancerous tumor - now chemo.
11. Hazel - 12 month old - had foot amputated 9-3-15 - surely needs our prayers.
12. Joe - 13 years old, hospitalized with Leukemia - 7-1 from Mike Bauml.
13. Brook - 5 yrs old - severe autism.

Focused Group Prayer: If possible, let's all say a prayer for the safety of the United States & a return to a Godly nation & world - praying together at 8 PM.

Good Update:Roz Bauml wishes me to pass on her great gratitude to her St. Luke Family for praying for her surgery to go well. Everything is going well now and she is feeling much better. Much love, Roslyn Bauml.

"Remembrance of Jesus’ passion will heal your soul of resentment, by making it ashamed of itself when it remembers the patience of the Lord.” - St. John Climacus