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Monday, September 30th, 2002 - Prayer of the week on Chrismation

Let us Pray to the Lord. Lord have Mercy.

Blessed are You, O Lord God Almighty, Source of all good things, Sun of Righteousness, shining on those who were in darkness the light of salvation, through the revelation of Your only begotten Son and our God. You have given to us, unworthy though we be, blessed purification through hallowed water, and divine sanctification through life-giving Chrismation. Now, also, You have graciously regenerated Your servant that has received Illumination, by water and the Spirit, and have granted to him remission of sins, whether voluntary or involuntary. Likewise, O Master, compassionate King of kings, grant to him the seal of the gift of Your holy, almighty, and adorable Spirit, and participation in the holy Body and precious Blood of Your Christ. Keep him in Your sanctification; confirm him in the Orthodox faith; deliver him from the evil one, and from all his workings. Preserve his soul in purity and righteousness, through the saving fear of You; that he may please You in every word and deed, and may be a child and heir of Your heavenly kingdom. For You are our God, the God Who shows mercy and saves us; and unto You we ascribe glory, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.

Monday, September 16th, 2002 - Prayer of the week on the Exaltation of the Cross

Let us Pray to the Lord. Lord have Mercy.

O Lord, from the Cross, You gave us Your word. We thank You for Your ultimate act of forgiveness. Through Your death on the tree of the Cross You reversed the sin of Adam. Whereas Adam brought sin and death into the world You died sinless and brought eternal life. As we venerate Your Holy Cross we pray that we will hear the word of the Cross and forgive others as You have forgiven us. We pray in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit Amen.

Monday, September 9th, 2002 - Prayer of the week for Our Nation

Let us Pray to the Lord. Lord have Mercy.

O Heavenly Father, we stand before the face of the evil one. You promised to deliver us from him. Vengeance is Yours O Lord. Today we cry out with fear and trembling, stretch out your right hand and defend us against our enemies through Jesus Christ our Lord. We pray earnestly for our leaders -- our President, Congress, Military and Caregivers. Guide them as the confront this evil with courage. Turn our bitterness, sorrow and despair unto submission to Your will so that we can face this trial bravely. As we pass through the valley of death lead us into Your green pastures. We pray for all those who have departed this life today. Forgive them any sin they have committed and receive them as innocent children. Be with their families in this time of grief. Help us as a nation to bear their burden. May we live today and tomorrow committed to You even in this grave moment of our History. May Your kingdom come so that all sorrow and sighing may flee away and we will live eternally at peace. We pray in the Name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

This prayer was used in the memorial service which was held at St. Luke on Sept 11th 2001.

This year at 8 AM our new bell tower will be dedicated by Bishop Job in memory of those who died on Sept 11th. The bells in the tower will be rung as a procession of fire trucks and police cars escort the steel beam from the World Trade Center to St. Luke Church. It will be placed in the church while a requiem service is celebrated. The bell will be rung on the hour all day. The church will open for anyone who wishes to come in a n pray. At noon the hours will be read with the recitation of the pledge of allegiance. At 7 PM a memorial service will be celebrated and a video about the tragedy will be shown. Our choir will lead in a medley of religious patriotic songs.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2002 - Prayer of the week on Luke 4:17-22

Let us Pray to the Lord. Lord have Mercy.

O Lord when You stepped forward in the synagogue to read from the scripture on that first day of September You proclaimed that the Spirit of God was on You to go and preach. We ask You to send Your Holy Spirit upon us so that we can go and preach. May our preaching not only be in words but to do Your will in caring for Your creation. Help us to begin anew in our personal and corporate prayer life and to make an effort to prepare to receive Your Holy Body and Blood. Help and guide us in our ministry that in so doing we receive the harvest of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.