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St. Luke the Evangelist Orthodox Church
10700 Kean Ave.
Palos Hills IL. 60465
Archpriest Andrew Harrison, M. Div. M.S.
Phone 630-243-0893 Fax 630-243-8571

Drawings of the new church complex in construction.


Our Vision is to become an Icon of an American Orthodox Church.


Our mission is to reach out and welcome all people who seek the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and blend them together into one Eucharistic community, through the worship and the beliefs of the Orthodox Church in America.


The Outreach Program has sought to promote St. Luke's as a resource center for unchurched Orthodox, the unsettled Orthodox and newcomers to the Orthodox Faith. Over the years we have provided a wealth of Orthodox literature to libraries, colleges and universities in the Chicago land area and around the USA. Church follow-up ministry includes note cards, phone calls, personal visits and computerized literature through the Internet for those coming into contact with the Orthodox Christian Faith.

Our Media Outreach consists of:

  • The traditional Sunday bulletin.
  • Monthly Calendar publishing all events and special services.
  • Evangelist Newsletter - a quarterly publication providing a forum for "big picture" issues relating to all Orthodox Christians. Members submit articles.
  • Internet website and chat rooms -
  • Our Priest

    The Very Reverend Andrew Harrison has been a priest since 1968 serving parishes in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and California. He is a Reserve Air Force Chaplain Lt. Col. attached to the Milwaukee Air Reserve Squadron. He has been an addiction therapist and family counselor for the Veterans Hospitals. He was Civil Air Patrol Chaplain and member of the US Coast Guard.

    Father Andrew has a B.S. in Education from New York University; a Master of Divinity from Saint Vladimir's Seminary and a M.S. in Counseling from California State University. He holds certifications in Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Marriage, Child and Family Therapy, and Employee Assistance Counseling. He is also a Relapse Prevention Specialist. Father enjoys hobbies such as skiing, hiking, fishing and toy train collecting. He is married (Pat) and has two adult sons.

    "Everyone is invited to our church services and fellowship activities," says Father Andrew, " and visitors will be greeted warmly and provided hospitality characteristic of the Faith. It is our firm belief that those not born into the Orthodox Faith have the full right to inherit the Church as established by the Apostles. 'Cradle' Orthodox, seeking to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Orthodox Christian lifestyle, will find help and strength in meeting the demands of everyday living."

    Pastoral Counseling

    Father Andrew Harrison is available for counseling in the following areas: Orthodox Christian Catechism, Twelve Step Assistance, Pre-Nuptial, Marriage, Relationship, Family, Grief, and Vocational


    After Sunday Divine Liturgy, a "Fellowship Hour" with refreshments is served in our hall. Visitors have an opportunity to meet our priest and church family. Fellowship activities are provided throughout the year for all ages and interest groups.


    To be a member of the Holy Orthodox Christian Faith one must:

    • Profess one's faith through the Sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation.
    • Receive the Holy Eucharist regularly.
    • Participate in the Sacrament of Confession at least once per year.
    • Make a voluntary, free will financial giving for the support of the Church.

    (Note: There is no minimum, or are there any sacramental fees. The weekly offering is the primary source of income. Members make an estimate of giving according to their means and conscience, offering God the first fruits of their labor and resources.)


    Our teaching staff has cumulatively acquired over 100 years of Christian education experience. Guided and nurtured by our clergy, this group of dedicated teachers provides all members, young and old, with the correct teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church. Retreats and lectures are provided throughout the year. Short-term Bible studies are encouraged for a greater appreciation of the Faith. In addition, the following are offered:

    • Sunday Church School - Classes for all ages meet after the Divine Liturgy.
    • Summer Vacation Church School
    • Youth Organization (YO) for teens combining recreational and spiritual activities.
    • Sunday Adult Bible Study.
    • Home Bible Study.
    • Ministries

      Our members are encouraged to devote their time and talents for the building of up the Body of Christ through various ministries such as:

      Altar Boy or Reader, Parish Council, Outreach, Charity, Choir and Music, Handmaidens, Youth, Teaching Christian Ed, Stewardship, Resource Center, Food Pantry, Media, Hospital Visitations, Fellowship Committee. The creation of new ministries is always encouraged, too!


      The parish maintains a full cycle of worship services including Great Vespers each Saturday at 5:30 PM, Sunday Matins at 8:30 AM followed by Divine Liturgy at 9:30 AM. The life of the parish centers on these services and especially on Christ's presence in the Scriptures and the Holy Eucharist. The Holy Sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation, Confession, Matrimony and Holy Unction are offered without fee although parish membership is expected. (See Membership)


      Charitable works are done either as a corporate body or individually. The second Sunday of each month is termed "Charity Sunday" where monetary collections are gathered. Donations are then distributed to various agencies including the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), Project Mexico, The Orthodox Christian Mission Center, needy individuals and local projects. Many members are involved with personal ministries to the sick, suffering, and needy and are helped by the remaining congregation in whatever means are needed.

      Why St. Luke Parish?

      Living the Christian life is difficult in this highly secularized world. Saint Luke's can help you in your efforts to practice the True Christian Faith today, tomorrow, and in the 21st Century.