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Property Team Annual Report January 2012

Team Leader - Mike Bauml

In many ways the property ministry has many unsung members that do so many little things to help the parish run smoothly. I would like to thank all those who pitched in throughout the year. Special thanks go out to Dennis Dandeles. I joke around that I ask him to do so many things that I feel like he is abused by me and that the parish should send him to Disney World as a reward. Whatever is needed Dennis steps in and takes care of it. Also special thanks go out to George Evangelopoulos. George has been my sounding board, advisor, and helper. He has been indispensable with his advice and aid in securing contractors and monitoring them regarding various projects.

I would also like to thank those you come out for the work days that we have from time to time. Their efforts allow us to not have to pay someone to do these jobs for us. Our next cleanup day will be in the spring to get the building and grounds prepared for Pascha. Please take the time this year to help. It can be a very rewarding experience.


The fellowship hall is available for use by parish members for different functions. It can be reserved by contacting Mike Bauml and is subject to certain rules and feast days and the approval of Father Andrew. Donations for the use are appropriate and are at the discretion of the individual. These funds go back into the property fund and allow us to further improve the property.


Once again the parish has voted to allow the funds for the prepayment for the church bonds to be made available for use to complete various projects. This allows us to continue to move forward in maintaining and improving the building and grounds.


1. The prayer shrine was completed and dedicated.
2. Six new windows were installed and coated with UV protection in the church. These were replaced because the seals were defective and dirt and stains were visible between the panes of glass.
3. Three new lights were installed along the west side of building and two pole lights were installed in the parking lot. The effect of this was striking and the parking lot is now well lit providing a much safer environment for the property and our parishioners.
4. The parking lot was resealed and restriped. Also a section of the asphalt was removed and replaced near the entrance due to cracking. There were some problems with the stripping and sealer that need to be resolved in the spring. 5. The table cloth iconography was installed around the walls of the church. Father Andrew headed this project.
6. New cabinets were installed in the conference room. Father Andrew headed this project.
7. New cabinets and electric were installed along the wall by the kitchen. Also a serving island and cabinets were installed in the fellowship hall. These provided much needed additional storage and function.


The following list of projects are under consideration and if and when they get done will depend in large part on the availability of funds. If you have expertise and can help with any of these or if one of them is something you can contribute funds to, please let us know.

1. The area around the glass doors will be tiled with ceramic tile.
2. Remodel of the fellowship hall. This includes painting, new lighting, wall trim, and the bookstore remodel.
3. Exterior lighting – additional lighting for the front stairs is needed. After much discussion our best option is to place two decorative poles on the sides of the stairs.
4. Updating our security system and making it wireless.
5. Soffit, Fascia, and Gutter Repair.
6. Outdoor Storage Shed - seasonal items will be stored to allow more needed interior storage area to be utilized.
7. New Stoves and Refrigerator – due to intermittent problems.
8. Courtyard renovation and potential extension of the church.

Bookstore remodel: For a long time, the appearance of the bookstore area has been a source of discussion for many of out parishioners. As part of the renovation of the fellowship hall, George Evangelopoulos has designed a room involving cabinets with granite countertops matching the newly installed cabinets in the fellowship hall. Also there will be glass wall shelves with lighting for display of icons and items for sale. A center area will be set up for seating as well. This design was determined after a meeting with the Church Resource Ministry and takes into account their needs. It will match the new cabinets and improve the appearance in the fellowship hall. It will separate the bookstore from the rest of the fellowship hall, but not completely closed it off due to the large amount of glass display shelving. It will allow us to properly display our bookstore items in an organized fashion that is neat and has a pleasing appearance. We are getting much of this at cost thru George’s contacts. The estimate cost of completion for this is $18,500.00. As this is over $10,000.00, our bylaws require a parish decision. I ask that you approve this at our meeting so we can move forward to complete the revamping of the fellowship hall.

This looks to be a very busy and exciting year at St. Luke’s, so please be patient with us during the construction phases and continue, and if possible, increase your support of the property collections. Anyone who has expertise in any of these areas or wishes to make a specific monetary contribution, please contact Father Andrew or myself.


1. Parking lot ownership: At this point there is nothing to report. With the parking lot finished and stripped, as long as no new issues come up we will maintain the status quo.

I look forward to an exciting year at St. Luke’s and hope and pray that we can accomplish the goals that we have set forth for ourselves. With God’s help and your support I feel confident that we can.