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Property Team Annual Report January 2010

Team Leader - Mike Bauml

Tammy Tsiones has decided to change her ministry and will no longer be in charge of the Historian Ministry. Instead she is taking care of our bulletin boards. We thank her for her work in the past and know that she will do a great job with our bulletin boards. Tayna Andoniadis has accepted the Historian Ministry and we welcome her to the property team.

For many years, I have been working as head of the property team with a vision as to what I wanted the building and grounds to look like. At times it was very frustrating because we were unable to make progress due to lack of funding. Many of the projects that we needed to accomplish were ones that should have been done when the new addition was build but were left off due lack of funds and the cost of the new building. With the new sign and landscaping wall, the parking lot redo, and the brick staining of the old walls the building is now looking like it should. We were able to get these projects and more finished because for two years we were allowed to use the mortgage prepayment money for building improvements. I would personally like to thank you all for this and for the trust that you have placed in the property team. In the coming year we will now be doing more in the area of church beautification. Look for new chairs and tables and repainting and decorating around the building. Also we will be looking into the possibility of expanding the building to include the current courtyard.

I usually like to take this report to give special mention to deserving team members. Once again Dennis Dandeles has been of tremendous help in the past year. From doing the decorative stones around the new sign to simply letting workers into the building because he lives close by, Dennis is a large part of why so much was done this year. Likewise George Evangelopoulos has been of immense help by consulting and finding and dealing with various contractors for different projects. Our special thanks go out to them.

I would also like to thank those of you who come out for the work days that we have from time to time. Your efforts allow us to complete these jobs without the added expense of paying someone to do them. Our next cleanup day will be in the spring to get the building and grounds prepared for Pascha. Please take the time this year to help. It can be a very rewarding experience.

HALL USAGE: The fellowship hall is available for use by parish members for different functions. It can be reserved by contacting Mike Bauml and is subject to certain rules and feast days and the approval of Father Andrew. Donations for use are at the discretion of the individual. These funds go back into the property fund and allow us to further improve the property.

FINANCIAL STATUS: During the past year many projects were completed in large part due to the allocation of the mortgage prepayment funds. In the coming year, barring any unexpected problems, the submitted budget should be adequate.


1. New church sign: installed and operational.
2. Decorative stonework and plantings completed by Dennis
3. Stairwells to Fellowship Hall: Painted and carpeted.
4. Sacristy floor: redone due to water and burn damage.
5. Toddler Room Makeover: complete.
6. Choir Practice Room: Wall Stained and Trimmed.
7. Permanent Coat Rack: Installed near elevator.
8. Wiring of old building: Checked and in no need of replacement.
9. Completed Cell Contract with Cricket.
10. Parish Tax Exempt Status Renewed.
11. Fire Alarm for old building: installed and added to system.
12. Church Ceiling: Insulated.
13. West Side of building: New sod, drain tiles, and decorative landscaping.
14. New wall lights installed in church with remote dimmers for the altar.
15. Stairs between old and new basements: Tiled
16. New air conditioner: purchased and installed for old building due to failure of old system.
17. Brick sealing: The entire exterior was sealed and the joints around the stone work was ground out and re-caulked as needed to eliminate the white areas and water leakage in the bricks.
18. The roof on the new addition had several leaks and was repaired.
19. Ceiling tiles were replaced after all the roof leaks were repaired.
20. Decorative brick staining: The East, West, and South walls of the building had the old bricks stained to match the new addition.
21. Air Hand Dryers: were installed in the sacristy and fellowship hall bathrooms. This was done to eliminate the need for paper towels which were being flushed into the septic system causing multiple plumbing repairs.


The following list of projects are under consideration and if and when they get done will depend in large part on the availability of funds. If you have expertise and can help with any of these or if one of them is something you can contribute funds to; please let us know.

1. The courtyard cement is chipping and we need to address this and the faulty drain that keeps clogging up.
2. Vent for Narthex: The new candle stand in the narthex is creating a lot of smoke and heat that is staining the walls. Before we can paint the walls we must place a venting system to remove the smoke.
3. The lighting on the west side of the building is not providing enough light at night for safety proposes. This needs to be addressed as well as additional lighting for the front stairs as well.
4. A roll down window will be installed in kitchen window.
5. Shutters for the secretary room window.
6. Dish Washer in the Fellowship Hall needs to be replaced.
7. The parking lot will need to be resealed and stripped in the fall.
8. Prayer Shrine: In conjunction with Fr. Andrew and one of our parishioners who is working on a scouting project. We will be placing an outdoor prayer shrine for people to come and use for prayer and contemplation.
9. Resolve the parking lot issue with the forest preserve.
10. Courtyard: The courtyard as it now stands is relatively non functional, is a security risk at night, and creates an area that collects debris. We are in the early planning stages of enclosing the courtyard and extending the church proper into this area.

Things are really moving along and I am excited about the upcoming year. Please be patient with us during the construction phases and continue and if possible increase your support of the property collections. Anyone who has expertise in any of these areas, or wishes to make a specific monetary contribution, please contact Father Andrew or me.


1. Parking lot ownership: Since the entire lot is now paved this is slightly less of an issue but still needs to be resolved. At some point we would like to develop the opening on the west side of the parking lot so that there is an entrance and exit for better traffic flow.
2. Bell Tower Dome: The greening of the copper dome of the bell tower is running down the bricks of the bell tower and staining them. Since the bricks have been cleaned and sealed, this seems to be resolved but we will continue to watch this.
3. Fence and Driveway Entrance: With the landscaping wall taking the place of the fence, and the driveway entrance being reduced, the majority of this project is complete. We discussed brick entrance columns and a short wall on each side of the entrance at one point. For now we need to take a step back and reevaluate what everything will look like when the new landscaping reaches full growth and the new church sign is installed. At that point we can make further decisions on whether or not we are complete in this area.
4. Development of the Courtyard.
5. Plumbing Redo: If problems continue in the fellowship hall bathroom/kitchen area, we may need to redo some of the plumbing here.

Property Team Budget 2010

1. Snow plowing - one plow per week 3000.00
2. Pete’s Landscaping (Moving, bushes, and fertilizer) 1984.00
3. Ampest 675.00
4. Waste Management 915.00
5. Fire Extinquishers 340.00
6. Misc repairs & maintenance 2200.00
7. Alarm service 1200.00
8. Shampoo all carpets and wax fellowship hall Biyearly 2800.00
9. Cemetery: Stamps and Mailings 60.00
10. Historian: Misc costs 100.00
11. Inventory: Misc. costs 100.00
12. Water Purification: Supplies and chemicals 175.00
13. Church Beautification. Ie Building improvements
Narthex Vent hood for candles 3000.00
Parking lot lighting 3500.00
Plumbing redo fellowship hall 2500.00
Classroom makeovers (1000.00 per) 5000.00
Conference Room Makeover 1500.00
Painting of Narthex, Hallways, and fellowship hall 5000.00
Total budget: 34049.00

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for all the support and the faith that you have placed in me over the years. I hope that you look forward to the improvements that we will be making to our parish as I do.

Yours in Christ, Michael S. Bauml