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Property Team Annual Report January 2009

Team Leader - Mike Bauml

As many of you know, due to the bi-laws it was necessary for me to step down from the parish council for at least one term. Phillip Neznanov was elected to Property Team Leader, but due to a change in residence Phillip was no longer able to fulfill his obligations. At this point I was asked to step back in and resume the position of Property Team Leader. Our thanks go out to Phillip for all the work that he did in my absence.

During the past year the makeup of the property team has undergone some changes. Strategic Planning headed by Ken Stevens has been moved from property and is now under the Assistant Lay Chairperson. Also the Kitchen Ministry headed by Carla Stevens and the Supply Ministry headed by Detrie Zacharias have been moved and are now under the Community Team Leader. Thanks go out to Ken, Carla, and Detrie for all of their labors.

I usually like to take this report to give special mention to deserving team members. This year I would like to mention Dennis Dandeles, George Evangelopoulos, and Greg Wassilkowsky. Dennis has made himself available many times for projects and to meet people at the building during the week and has been a God Send. George has been of immense help by consulting and finding and dealing with various contractors for different projects. Greg has been working once again to acquire more income for the parish and is in the final stages of a new antennae contract. If it were not for Greg we might still be having coffee hour in the old basement. Our special thanks go out to them.

I would also like to thank those of you who come out for the work days that we have from time to time. Your efforts allow us to complete these jobs without the added expense of paying someone to do them. Our next cleanup day will be in the spring to get the building and grounds prepared for Pascha. Please take the time this year to help. It can be a very rewarding experience.

With several projects in the planning stages for a while, the property team has been very busy this year. We are gradually getting many of the things done that were put off due to lack of additional funds. We are quickly approaching the point where we will be more focused on maintenance rather than new projects.

HALL USAGE: The fellowship hall is available for use by parish members for different functions. It can be reserved by contacting Mike Bauml and is subject to certain rules and feast days and the approval of Father Andrew. Donations for use are at the discretion of the individual. These funds go back into the property fund and allow us to further improve the property.

FINANCIAL STATUS: During the past year many projects were completed in large part due to the allocation of the mortgage prepayment funds. In the coming year, barring any unexpected problems, the submitted budget should be adequate.


1. Tank less Hot Water Heaters were installed in both the kitchen and in the church for baptisms. These electric heaters only provide hot water on demand and do not run constantly. In the long run they will save enough energy to pay for themselves.
2. A separate heating and cooling system was installed for Father Andrew’s Office and the Conference Room. This allows us to heat and cool these rooms separately for meetings and events during the week without having to heat or cool the entire building. Once again the energy that we save in the long run will eventually pay for this as well.
3. The church proper was painted by Nick Lisowski; the colors were chosen by Father Andrew.
4. Oak Flower Boxes were installed around the elevator shaft in lieu of a wall as a more pleasing solution to the safety issue of the open elevator shaft.
5. The landscaping wall and bushes were completed along with some decorative landscaping around the entrance while the white fence posts were removed. This will effectively block cars from coming up on to the lawn while preventing the younger children from running out into the street. In the spring when the bushes grow we will get the full benefit of this project.
6. An in-ground sprinkler system was installed to prevent the lawn from burning out again in the future. A year ago we had to replace large sections of the lawn. As part of this project, additional outside water faucets were added around the building.
7. Parking lot extension and sign footing: Concrete footing was poured with bolts and electric for the new church sign. At the same time, approximately five feet of the grass next to the building on the west side was excavated and a curb was placed. This is part of the parking lot renovation that will be completed this year. This will allow us to move the first row of cars up by five feet and create more room on the far side of the parking lot.
8. A new electrical outlet was installed in the floor of the church near the altar. This was done so that the Christmas tree could be plugged in without extension cords running down the aisle. This eliminates both an eyesore and a safety concern. The outlet was installed by Scott Miller. Thanks Scott.
9. Remodel of the Narthex: New cabinets were completed and installed that both beautify and improve the safety in the area. The candle area in the old cabinets was too small and too close to the wall. A cabinet was also installed in the room off the altar for use by the clergy. Lee Kopulos was in charge of this and our thanks go out to him.
10. Heaters were installed in both the stairway to the bell tower and the north stairway to the fellowship hall. This was done as part of the correction to the leakage problem in the bell tower. Keeping this area warm will eliminate a lot of the condensation that occurs here and will dry out the bricks. Also in this area the ceiling in the bell tower where the bells were rung was insulated and dry walled. This significantly raised the temperature in this area and also helps with the condensation problem. A railing was also installed to make access to the bells themselves a safer proposition.
11. Our lawn maintenance contracts were review and we decided to combine them into one service. Before we had a separate service for grass cutting and one for fertilizing the lawn. Neither one maintained and trimmed the bushes. The new service does both and maintains the landscaping which will be especially important with the addition 20 or so bushes planed in front.
12. Our snow service provided was also changed. We decided to go with a new service that also cleans and salts the sidewalks. We felt that although it cost a little more, it was worth it to be a little safer.
13. Entrance to Parking Lot Reduced: The entrance to the parking lot was reduced in width and curbs were added. Also the asphalt in this area was redone. The purpose for this was to allow the cars in the middle to park further forward and effectively create more parking.


The following list of projects are under consideration and if and when they get done will depend in large part on the availability of funds. If you have expertise and can help with any of these or if one of them is something you can contribute funds to; please let us know.

1. A roll down window will be installed in kitchen window.
2. Carpeting and painting the new stairways – in progress
3. Shutters for the secretary room window.
4. Resolve the parking lot issue with the forest preserve.
5. New church sign
6. Saints of America Shrine – Icons of St Luke and the individual Saints of America will be painted and placed in the narthex. To date only a couple of the icons have been donated. The cost for the icons of the saints is 300.00. If you can and have the desire please speak to Father Andrew about donating one of these icons.
7. The ceiling in the church needs to be insulated. This will result in greater savings on heating and cooling.
8. The wiring in the old part of the building needs to be evaluated and possibly replaced.
9. The courtyard cement is chipping and we need to address this and the faulty drain that keeps clogging up. Also the green paint on the courtyard wall needs to be removed.
10. At some point the old walls on the east and west of the church proper need to be addressed and at the very least cleaned and re-tuck pointed.
11. The copper on the bell tower is bleeding green down the bell tower walls. This should be corrected with the brick cleaning and sealing, but a smaller gutter system may need to be installed around the copper dome as well.
12. The church proper is not connected to the fire alarm system and if a fire started here first it would go for a while before setting off the system in the new building. The church needs to be added in.
13. The carpeting in the room of the altar was stained in a flood of the sink and repeated gets burned by incense. A different kind of flooring should replace this carpet.
14. New Church Sign
15. Parking Lot Renovation

Things are really moving along and I am excited about the upcoming year. Please be patient with us during the construction phases and continue and if possible increase your support of the property collections. Anyone who has expertise in any of these areas, or wishes to make a specific monetary contribution, please contact Father Andrew or me.


1. Parking lot ownership: We are still looking into this but in all honesty I am not very hopeful. Every time we make a contact that is encouraging it dries up after a while. Until this is resolved or we decide to block entrance to the parking lot the sledder issues will continue. Recently the forest preserve placed a new sign forbidding sledding on the hill. It was there less than a week before someone tore it down.
2. Bell Tower Dome: The greening of the copper dome of the bell tower is running down the bricks of the bell tower and staining them. We need to find an answer for this and possibly have the bricks cleaned in this area.

Fence and Driveway Entranceway: With the landscaping wall taking the place of the fence, and the driveway entrance being reduced, the majority of this project is complete. We discussed brick entrance columns and a short wall on each side of the entrance at one point. For now we need to take a step back and reevaluate what everything will look like when the new landscaping reaches full growth and the new church sign is installed. At that point we can make further decisions on whether or not we a complete in this area.

Parking Lot Renovation: The parking lot is breaking up in several areas, especially in the rear near the hill. We had contractors out to evaluate this and they informed us that we need to get this repaired as soon as possible or we will be replacing large section of the lot instead or repairing them. We attempted to get this done before the winter but decided against it for several reasons. First of all we expected a harsh winter and felt that it would be better not to subject the repairs to this. Secondly with the new antennae contract near a completion, this would mean a significant number of large trucks in and out of the area and it would be better to repair things after this. Thirdly the price of the renovation was about 33,000.00. This was at a time when gas prices were at their highest point. We are hoping that in the spring with the gas prices down that we can get a significantly better price for the job. The renovation will include replacement of severely damaged areas, resurfacing of the entire lot, and stripping of the lot to create parking that makes the best use of the available room.

Roof and Bell Tower Leaks: The hard rains that we had this fall revealed a significant leakage problem in the bell tower area. George Evangelopoulos, Father Andrew, and I met with the original contractor of the new addition. Thru much discussion it was determined that the cause of the roof leaks, were related to the bell tower and the bricks themselves. The joints between the bricks and the stone areas needed to be ground out and resealed. Additional areas around the bells also needed to be sealed. The bricks themselves were absorbing water and seepage thru the bricks themselves was occurring. The white areas that come and go on the building are a reflection of this. To correct this, the entire building needed to be cleaned and sealed. The contractor gave us a quote of 13,000.00. George was able to find a different contractor to do the job for 9000.00 which also included tuck pointing of the old brick areas on both sides of the old church building.

We moved ahead to get this done. The tuck pointing has been completed. However three attempts at cleaning the bricks were unsuccessful due in part to the extreme early cold snap that we had. Also the sealant needs to be applied at a temperature above 40 degrees. We were forced to wait until the temperature is favorable. It is possible that when the bricks are sealed that it will prevent the green from the copper dome from re-staining the bricks and this issue will be resolved. We will complete this project in the spring.

New Church Sign: After much discussion, multiple quotes from different companies and the viewing of different signs in the area including a sign constructed by the company were are dealing with our new sign has been ordered. It should arrive in approximately 5 to 6 weeks. We it comes we will need several young men from the parish to come out and help set it up. A concrete footing for the sign has already been poured with special bolts for the company set in the concrete. The final design of the sign is included in this report.

Property Team Budget 2009

Team Leader Michael Bauml

1. Snow plowing - one plow per week 3000.00
2. Pete’s Landscaping (Moving, bushes, and fertilizer) 1984.00
3. Ampest 675.00
4. Waste Management 915.00
5. Fire Extinguishers 369.00
6. Misc repairs & maintenance 2300.00
7. Alarm service 1200.00
8. Shampoo all carpets and wax fellowship hall Biyearly 2800.00
9. Cemetery: Stamps and Mailings 60.00
10. Historian: Misc costs 100.00
11. Inventory: Misc. costs 100.00
12. Water Purification: Supplies and chemicals 175.00
13. Church Beautification. i.e. Building improvements:
Parking lot redo 26000.00
Stairwells 3000.00
Total budget: $ 42,678.00

This budget should be very close. There is an increase in the carpet and floor cleaning to twice a year per Father Andrew’s request. Also, Waste Management had a price increase. Snow plowing is variable; to date this year we have had 1275.00 in snow plowing costs, but if we have a bad winter it could more than double. Pray for little snow. Landscaping – the new number reflects the new landscaping service which will replace both Scots and Cosmos.

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for all the support and the faith that you have placed in me over the years. I hope that you look forward to the improvements that we will be making to our parish as I do.

Yours in Christ, Michael S. Bauml