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Women's Ministry Co-Leader

Lynda Kopulos is the current Women's Ministry CoLeader.

Name: Lynda Kopulos
Job: Women's Ministry Co-Leader

Women's Ministry Co-Leader

Michaelyn Sloan is the current Women's Ministry  CoLeader.

Name: Michaelyn Sloan
Job: Women's Ministry Co-Leader

Job Description

Provides educational and spiritual programs related to the Orthodox faith, which are geared to the needs and wants of the women. Submits a monthly report to the leader.

Current Events

Annual St. Luke Orthodox

Church Women’s Retreat

Healing of the Soul: From Image to Likeness

November 2, Saturday 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Retreat speaker- Joan Heifner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Orthodox Christian

$25 includes interactive workshop & lunch

Register with - Linda Kopulos or Mic Sloan by October 27