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Restaurant Rovers Annual Report January 2009

RESTAURANT ROVERS - Pat Dravillas & Shirlie Hansen

The Restaurant Rovers got off to a good start with an outing to see "Mamma Mia" in September attended by twenty-six parishioners.  Everyone enjoyed seeing the musical in the beautiful Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.

In early November the group went to see the stage adaptation of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters.  There were twenty-four of us who were treated to a very well-prepared discussion about the subject of the play, presented by Father Andrew and Father Howard, prior to heading downtown for the show.  In December, twenty hungry parishioners dined on a variety of wonderfully prepared Greek food at Dionysos restaurant in Worth.  The atmosphere was perfect for our outing, and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

For 2009, we hope to plan some more restaurant and theatre outings.  Our previous outings have been planned for adults, as the ministry was just getting organized but we would like to plan at least one family outing this year.  Under consideration is a pizza/cosmic bowling party.  These types of outings are typically quite affordable for most families, and we will take cost into consideration when planning all of our outings this year.  Children's theatre is also a possibility, and we will be looking for local opportunities for St. Luke's to capitalize on.  

The ministry is open for suggestions for 2009.  Some suggestions have been made for a trip to see Jersey Boys and Miss Saigon. For restaurants, a BBQ place in Palos has been suggested, as well as a Japanese style restaurant where they cook the food in front of you, Mexican food, and a great Chinese place in Evergreen Park called Chi Tung. 

We would like to get a dinner in before Great Lent begins, and after that, an outing every other month or as interest allows. Lastly, we would like to suggest renaming the Restaurant Rovers ministry to something that better describes the ministry, as it includes more than just going to restaurants.

We look forward to a year filled with great fellowship, delicious food, and wonderful entertainment.