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Director of Christian Education Report Annual Meeting January 2007

Lana Kokayeff

Presently, the Church School consists of 52 students, 12 regular teachers, and 4 substitute teachers. Staff members are: Toddlers/Pat Harrison - Pre-school/Elizabeth Wassilkowsky - Kindergarten&Grade 1/Cheryl Evangelopoulos, Suzanne Kopulos- Grades 2,3/Lynn Betsanes, Pat Ketchmark - Intermediate/ Lynn Rizo, Mary Jo Werbiansky - Junior High/Andrew Lukashonak, Aristea Zekios - High School/Fr.Dn. Andrew Werbiansky, Christopher Dandeles.

Our substitutes are : Pearl Homiak, Sharon Mochel, Diane Nickolaou and Tammy Tsiones, Anna Kokayeff.

In addition, Anthea Lukashonak and Luke Kopulos provide iconography sessions and Maria Vrame leads our youngster in singing praises to our Lord. The first Sunday of the month, the High School class assembles as "YO" under the leadership of Lauren Dandeles.


Plans were made for Great Lent events.


Teachers meeting on Sunday, March 12 to brain storm for the Lenten Retreat.

Lenten Retreat Report

Annual Church School Lenten Retreat- was held on Sunday, April 9th from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Theme was "Love One Another." (The general theme was we are all icons of Christ, including our enemies. Therefore all should be treated the way we’d treat Christ.)The number of students from pre-school to 6th grade who attended was 27- that's a 92.6% score !!!!! (That number does not include the 3 toddlers for whom Pat Harrison babysat.) It started with an instructional Divine Liturgy celebrated in the Fellowship Hall. After liturgy, YO provided a bread/soup charity lunch for everyone. Afternoon schedule was:

* From noon until 2:30 there were activities for students and parents. Father Andrew visited all the classes and spent designated time with the 1st confession candidates.
* Deacon Andrew also went from class to class and presented (in his usual vibrant fashion) church etiquette.
* Maria Vrame taught songs to the younger children. At the closing, all the students met in the church where Maria Vrame guided everyone in song and Father led in a closing prayer.
* One of the projects completed by the students was the "Living Icon" which were displayed in the Fellowship Hall. There is also a collage with photos that will be framed and kept in the Educational Building hallway.
* Parents were hosted by the Movie Club to view "Walk the Line" in the conference room during the retreat.

Other Lenten Activities

* Class confessions were on Sunday, March 26th for 3rd thru 6th grade.
* First Confession - Three students made their first confession on Lazarus Saturday April 15th; two others on April 9th, and the last one on April 16th. So all 6 candidates successfully participated and were rewarded with certificates and gifts. (The reason these dates were staggered is because some of the children were going on or returning from vacations.)

New Item Purchased

TV/DVD/VCR- 21" unit for the church school was purchased at a cost of $269.99. We'll have to purchase a portable stand for it - cost should be around $100.


(1) The last event for the 05-06 Church School year was the awards Sunday on May 28th. (Conflict with the annual quad-parish picnic forced an early closing. Preference is the first Sunday in June as Youth Sunday.) Pre-school through 6th graders presented a delightful singing program directed by Maria Vrame. Faithful attendance awards and graduate gifts were presented by Father Andrew. Olympians were also recognized. As the students exited the church nave, each one was given a small gift.

(2) Maria Kopulos, Lana Kokayeff, and Aristea met on Sunday 6/18 to review the 05-06 school year and plan for the 06-07 year. Discussed were:

* Summer Craft days in August.
* Agenda for teachers’ meeting for new school year, ideas for classroom set-ups, and Christmas/St.Nicholas pageant.
* Master Calendar for 2006-2007 school year.
8 Lamb Roast and Sunday School Registration Kick-off.
* No Vacation Church School (VCS) because of the air conditioning restrictions.

(3) A photo gallery archive was started on one of the walls in the educational wing. So far class photos of our students from a few years back have been hung. The students enjoy seeing how much they’ve grown over the years.

(4) Church School "Sunday Craft Days" were held on August 20th and 27th following Divine Liturgy. Crafts for age levels preschool thru 8th grade were available. High school students assisted. The purpose of this activity was to promote bonding by having fun together.

(5) Registration started on August 27th - same day as the parish picnic.

(6) Staff Meeting on August 13th to discuss distribution of classes, room assignments, master calendar with schedule for music, icon visits, priest visits, holidays, etc.


(1) September 10, 2006 - first day of classes!! Total of 51 children enrolled for the 06-07 school year.

(2) Group Sunday School photo taken 9/17.

(3) New procedure for garbage in classrooms in effect, all teachers must put their classroom garbage in larger receptacle in education wing hallway after every class.

(4) New clocks purchased for all rooms since none were working!

(5) Instead of the annual church school newsletter to the parents, all the teachers submitted course descriptions, which were consolidated into one big article for the Evangelist.

(6) Environmental awareness presentations on two Sundays (10/29 and 11/5) by Dennis Dandeles - emphasis - we are stewards of God’s creation and must take care of our planet.

(7) Annual Christmas Program

* Christmas program was entitled "The Christmas Story" presented on December 17th after Divine Liturgy. The congregation helped with the singing while students portrayed the Virgin Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, and magi. Students from toddler to 7th grade participated. Quite a few parishioners asked if it could be repeated next Christmas. Our pageant team consisted of Katerina Claiborne, Lana Kokayeff, Maria Vrame, and Aristea Zekios
* St Nicholas (Don Thorpe) also made his entrance at the end of the program. Our children sang for him and PASS gifts were presented. Later during class time, Father Andrew (dressed as St Nicholas) passed out icons of Archangel Michael. Also, the students' shoes were filled with candy.

(8) No classes on Sunday, December 24th. Activities Sunday was December 31st in anticipation of low attendance.

PLANS for 2007

* First Sunday of each Month - YO (Youth Organization) meeting
* First Sunday of each Month - Father Andrew’s visit to the classes
* Second Sunday of each Month - Icon Presentation
* March 25 - Lenten Retreat
* April 8 .. Pascha - No class
* June 10 - Awards Sunday
* July or August - Craft Sundays

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