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Director of Christian Education Report Annual Meeting January 2005

Lana Kokayeff

Presently, there are 47 registered students, 11 regular teachers, and 2 substitute teachers. Staff members are: Toddlers/Pat Harrison - Pre-School/Elizabeth Wassilkowsky, Helen Partoll - Kindergarten&Grade 1/Cheryl Evangelopoulos- Grades 2,3/Lynn Betsanes, Pat Ketchmark - Intermediate/ Lynn Rizo, Mary Jo Werbiansky - Junior High/. Aristea Zekios - High School/Fr.Dn. Andrew Werbiansky, Christopher Dandeles.

In addition, Alexandria Lukashonak provides iconography sessions and Maria Vrame leads our youngster in singing praises to our Lord. The last Sunday of the month, the Junior High and High School classes assemble as "YO" under the leadership of Maria Kopulos.

2004 Recap


  • On Saturday, February 7, the first Deanery Church School workshop was held at St. Luke in conjunction with the Women's Retreat. The total number of teachers who attended was 19... of which 9 were from Saint Luke. The afternoon was spent "idea-swapping." Our staff, as well as our guests, exchanged useful information to implement into Church School programs. The positive outcome was a chance to meet each other and form a network. Our staff is to be commended for their hospitality and professionalism.
  • The 2003/04 Parent/Teacher/Student handbooks were distributed.
  • For the third year, annual Lenten Charity Canisters for the Coptic Orphans were distributed to all the students. Amount collected from canisters was $120.11. Other anonymous donors contributed to this charity which resulted in a total of $220.11.
  • No Sunday Lenten Retreat was scheduled because of the use of our building by St. Mary's Mission.


  • Teachers presented lessons on Great Lent/Pascha.
  • On Sunday, February 29 and March 7, Father met with the 7th through 12th graders to discuss a topic that had been in the news -"marriage." This was important because of the current mockery of marriage and same sex marriage issues. Our youth were able to hear and discuss the teachings Holy Orthodox Church.
  • A questionnaire was mailed to YO members and their parents asking for their input on YO activities and church school.
  • On Sunday, 5/21, Anna Kokayeff presented a talk to YO on "Abuse in Relationships."
  • June 13 - Faithful attendance awards were presented to Alexandra Lewis, Samuel Andoniadis, Michael Wojcik, Madeline Betsanes, Joan Betsanes, Nicholas Wassilkowsky, Theresa Werbiansky, Andrew Seper, and Katie Bern.


  • Our first Vacation Church School in the new building was a tremendous success. There were 33 children and 12 adults to supervise. It was a one-day session on July 27th from 9:30 am to 3 pm. Theme was the Transfiguration. The biggest boost was the St. Mary support. They numbered 16 and our St. Luke children numbered 17. We were blessed with every talent necessary to provide a full day - prayer, stories, crafts, music, playtime, instruction, eatery.
  • The classrooms were painted. Paint and labor were donated. Thanks to the property team for all their help in moving furniture
  • Registration was held on 8/15 and 8/22. (Book fee was $15.)
  • Staff meeting was held on 8/29. A special perk - the return of Deacon Andrew and Cheryl Evangelopoulos to the teaching staff


  • On October 10, with the help of Maria Vrame, a music segment was incorporated for students from 3 to 10 years.
  • The Fall Church School Newsletter was mailed to all parents. It listed forthcoming events, course descriptions, and new developments.
  • Sunday, December 5 - St. Nicholas Celebration - Students brought gifts for PASS. They sang for St. Nicholas and he distributed gifts to them. They also left a shoe outside their classroom door and St. Nicholas left them treats.
  • Open House - Sunday, December 12 and Sunday, December 19. Parents were invited to visit their children's classes. Sixteen parents took advantage of the invitation.

    2005 PLANS

  • January - New Year's Presentation by the students
  • Sunday, March 6 (Tentative date) - Pre-Lenten Church School Student retreat
  • April - First Confession Classes
  • June - Special closing program by students
  • The July 2005 Vacation Church School

    Wish List

  • Church School attendance varies from 44 to 88% each Sunday. It is every teacher's prayer to have every student in class every Sunday! Absenteeism results in a learning gap and prevents continuity in the curriculum.
  • Church Services - Lenten, major feastdays, vespers - all of these services provide a fullness of Orthodoxy. Parents, please bring your children!