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March Minutes 2006


Father Andrew Harrison, , Assistant Lay Chairperson Caye Caswick, Secretary Debra Dandeles, , Financial Secretary Mary Kincaid, Education Team Leader Maria Kopulos, Property Team Leader Mike Bauml, Treasurer: Robert Zubenko Community Development Team Leader Luba Johnson Evangelism Team Leader Pearl Homiak, Diocesan/All-American Delegate Anthea Lukoshonak

Unable to Attend:

Lay Chairperson Ken Stevens, absent report submitted

Meeting brought to order at 7:00 P.M. with bible study Genesis 6-7


Caye approved the February minutes, Mary 2nd all approved.


Community Development Team Leader - Luba Johnson
present, written report submitted


Special Events

Nadia Doss has agreed to stay on as the leader for Special Events. She and Sue Lisowski did a great job for the New Members’ Luncheon that was held on March 5, 2006. The cost was kept under $400 for the brunch and $266.00 was collected from donations.

Coffee Hour

Sue Lisowski had agreed to be the leader for the Coffee Hour Hostesses. She has put together the schedule until July, 2006 and has submitted it to Pat Dime to be placed on each month’s calendar.

Prayer Ministry

The month of February we prayed for 39 persons plus our military and our expectant mothers. We also started every Saturday after Vespers, the prayer ministry will recite the prayer of intercession and light the vigil candle as the names of the persons we are praying for are mentioned. Everyone is welcomed to add a name of someone who needs a prayer. The candle is then put outside in front of the cross.
Respectfully, Mary

Women’s Ministry

KAIROS Women’s Retreat

This retreat will be held on March 25, 2006. As of March 19th approximately 30 women have registered. The retreat will begin at 11:00 a.m. with bagels and coffee to accommodate those that attend Liturgy at 9:00 a.m. Two speakers - Emily Lisenko and Svetlana Brejcha will be the presenters. An Honorarium of $125.00 each will be given.

Sunshine Ministry

Svetlana Lynch has agreed to take this ministry and combine it with the Birthday Ministry that she has been doing. Svetlana will be sending out the cards, if any flowers need to be ordered, it will be done by Luba Johnson.

Flowers were sent to the following this month: Fr. John Matusiak, Tom Kozbiel and Pearl Homiak.


Esther is now in the process of collecting donations for flowers for the Tomb and for the Easter Lilies.

Restaurant Rovers

I will discuss this ministry with Carla Stevens, hopefully a schedule of restaurant visits can be started.

Children Adoption

No report

Children Ministry

No report - seasonal

Golf Ministry

No report - seasonal

Christmas Decoration Ministry

No report - seasonal


Luba reported that it will cost $3000 for permits for the annual picnic-We need permits for music, a tent, a generator, amplified music and a porta-potty- total of 5 extra permits. Father aksed Luba for more information on music permits- Luba will submit that to him.

Luba asked what the bill was for food for new members lunch. Father reported more than $300. Bob will email the exact amount

Education Team Leader - Maria Kopulos
present, written report submitted

Church School - Lana Kokayeff

Church School Report - March, 2006

Annual Church School Lenten Retreat "Love One Another" - will be held on Sunday, April 9th from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. The retreat is for students from pre-school to 6th grade. It will start with an instructional Divine Liturgy (by popular demand). After liturgy, YO will provide a bread/soup charity lunch for everyone. From noon until 2:30 there will be activities for students and parents. The parent activity will be "Walk the Line" movie club facilitated by Ken Stevens.

Teachers met on Sunday, March 12 to brain storm. They will meet again in a few weeks to finalize details for the retreat.

Class confession will be on Sunday, March 26 for 3rd thru 6th grade. Make up will be the following Sunday, April 2nd. (Father will hear YO confessions at their retreat on Saturday, April 8.)

First confession class has been organized. Father will meet with these students during the retreat. I assume that Lazarus Saturday (April 15) will be the date for the First Confessions to be heard.

Maria Kopulos and Aristea are working to provide another TV/DVD unit for the church school. Aristea will purchase a DVD player and Maria is checking into providing a TV. Then it will be nice to provide another portable stand that can be moved around the classrooms.

Movie Club - Ken Stevens

We will have a special Movie Club for parents while the children are attending the retreat on April 9th at the church.

The movie and ensuing discussion will be for Walk the Line (the biopic about Johnny Cash).

Our next Movie Club will be Sunday April 30th at the Stevens house in Darien at 5:00 PM. Movie/title to be announced

Adult Education - Clark Wilson

The Purpose-Driven Life series is on hold for Lent.

I received, from India, physical copies of the small ministry's magazine, the first two issues. I had pieces published in both issues and am preparing a piece on St. Thomas for the next issue. (St. Thomas's traditional burial place is near where the ministry is, in southeast India.)

Parishioners reported having finished more credit-worthy work. I intend to have all credits entered into a small database and to have the credits white-board up to date by next month's report. Check up on me!

The informal discussions in the bookstore corner each Sunday coffee hour continue.

Planning for the YO retreat April 8 continues. (I am helping out with that event.)

I have been unable to attend the most recent Sunday night chat sessions on line. During Lent, with Father Andrew attending Sunday evening events, the chat sessions are informal and occur only if Caye or I show up. However, our visitor from "Little Lambs Children Ministry" in India did mention to me having attended a session recently.

Father has talked more with the inquirer Carlus and I continue informal teaching in the car.

I am working on an article for the Evangelist.

Christian Resource Center - Deacon Danial Doss

Several memorial booklets (~12) were ordered, received, and distributed from a monastery in California (per Mary Kincaid’s request).

Based on the recommendation of the treasurer and council, I will turn any bills from now on to the treasurer for payment.

Bulletin Boards - Pat Ketchmark/June Anderson

Narthex: A special Lenten bulletin is on display calling our attention to Great Lent. It will change during Holy Week, Pascha, and Bright Week.

Fellowship Hall: June Anderson added some bright green this month!

Scrip board: The Scrip Committee had been in charge of this board located above the beverage table. When all Scrip activity had terminated, the teachers volunteered to display Church School students’ work. I am presenting this idea to the property team and they could let us know if this would be permissible

YO - Maria Kopulos

YO For March:


Youth Lenten Retreat scheduled for Saturday, April 8th.

The Theme of the retreat is "Hosanna". This session will give the youth a look at the triumphant entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. They will look at this entrance from a religious and political perspective. They will also examine those that greeted him and then crucified him.

Vespers will be attended followed by confessions. Then a Lenten meal will be served, and they will end the evening by baking homemade bread, and making homemade soups together for the following days retreat. They will donate the funds raised by that charity-Lenten luncheon to the Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage 2006 needs.


One idea that I am concerned about is the knowledge of the Orthodox "faith" to these high schoolers. It is imperative to have them ready for college or the real-world. I think that this should be looked at further for the 2006 school year.

Junior Olympics - Chuck Bern

Nothing to report Currently.


Father has a DVD VCR TV combination. He is proposing that the April Charity be project Mexico and St. Innocent 2006.

Property Team Leader - Mike Bauml
present, written report submitted

Expected expenses this month: 22—for Drywall, 900 for carpet and basement floor cleaning.

Maintenance report:

Insulation and wall repair have been finished. A big thanks to Greg and Nick for their help.

Pending Projects:

Plaster is coming off the wall on the way up to the choir in the window due to an old leak. We need to fix this. Waterproofing stone above the front door-waiting for information from George Evangelopoulos. The dead sod by the brick garden needs to be replaced. Finish repairing the air conditioning unit for the new basement. Nick got it running but is needs a new sensor. Missing baseboard in the fellowship hall needs to be replaced Broken window in classroom-pending New Building report: Broken septic pump was replaced but the electric running it shorted out. Scot Miller repaired this at a cost of about 15 dollars. Thanks Scott!

Strategic Planning:

Ken asked to put this on hold until the Council decides about the plan concerning church growth.


Dennis will be looking into maintenance for the air purification units.

Team Projects:

Lawn Repair:

we will contact the landscapers about repairing the sod after the sidewalk is placed.

Choir Room:

The natural brick wall still needs to be trimmed the wall cleaned and/or painted.

Broken water fountain:

Nick will contact a plumber to have this repaired

Church sidewalk:

We are in the process of getting new bids.

Old basement remodel:

The insulation is complete. The support columns that showed signs of rot from repeated flooding havae been reinforced. Repairing drywall has begun and should be finished shortly. Following this, we will repaint the basement ourselves, and then the new floor will be contracted out.

Spring cleanup:

April 15th following Liturgy. Please come and help.


The property team will again help with parking, the safeguarding of the tomb, the processions and the removal of the tomb.


Mary Kincaid asked if the dead plants should be replaced. Mike advised waiting until the sidewalk was finished. Mike asked the secretary to send a thank you card to Scott Miller from the council for all the work he has done. The dry wall will be going up in old basement. Maria Kopulos asked about the paving the parking lot. Mike responded that until Stroger leaves office nothing is likely to happen.. 4/11 carpet in church will be cleaned- 4/15/ church clean up- The carpet in the Sacristy burned- needs to be replaced.

Diocesan/All-American Delegate - Anthea Lukoshonak
present - no report

Pay attention to She has talked to Archbishop Job. He is appreciative to all for keeping him in his prayers. He has met with Metropolitan Herman and reported that he has secured a law firm to look into accounting. Father Kondratick was fired- because of his refusal to cooperative with the investigation into misuse of moneys and lack of obedience. Audit should be completed for 2005 by end of this month.

Evangelism Team Leader - Pearl Homiak
present, written report submitted

Lost Sheep-Caye Caswick

A request for signage at the corners near the church is considered. The city/county/state need to be contacted to see what is appropriate. The church is a historic landmark, which may make it easier to obtain this signage. The idea of a dinner for former parish members (those fallen away) is being discussed in an attempt to re-interest them in coming back to St. Luke.

9/11 Memorial-Caye Caswick

Thought is beginning about the speaker for this year’s memorial. Perhaps form the 9/11 Survivor’s Network.

Media-George Poulos

More of Fr. Borichevsky’s tapes are available for our website. However, first evaluate the tapes already on the website to see what they are about.

Sanctity of Life- Mary Jo Werbiansky

The Find is a new resale shop in Orland Part that supports PASS. It is possible that there will be a women’s event there some evening. However, more discussion is needed.

Blood Drive-Sharon Mochel

The Blood drive this year will be held of July 30th (time to be determined). It may be possible to get someone from SS. Constantine and Helen to help out this year, which may lead to greater participation form that parish. Volunteers from St. Luke will be needed to help out the day of the Drive.

Garden Center- Christine Bowen

Since Fr. Andrew was ill, John Verderber and Mary Kincaid visited the Garden Center on March 13th and held a short prayer service and fellowship with the residents. Garden center clients always like to attend and frequently ask when the priest is coming.

No additions

Assisant Layperson Report - Caye Caswick
present, written report submitted


Father Andrew and Caye have discussed creating a mail list of Lost Sheep to invite to a dinner in the hopes that we can get some of those who have fallen away back into the fold.

Pearl, Father, Lee and Caye attended a tithing discussion at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church 3/17/06, which did not accomplish anything; however some interesting views were expressed; Sts. Peter and Paul sell pierogy as a major fundraiser. Their Diocesian dues are similar but slightly different from the OCA’s. We suggested they do a multi-parish picnic.

Caye will be asking for volunteers to form a stewardship Subcommittee and set up the meeting schedule and a brief "mission statement" of goals to try and accomplish for 2006. The stewardship committee consists of the Assistant Lay Chairperson, Treasurer, financial Secretary and father Andrew- however, Caye believes this sub committee should be volunteers of the parish who can then recommend or ounce their suggestions/ideas off the stewardship committee for their plans for the upcoming Pledge Drive 2007. I was thrilled to see q0 new members this year. My initial thoughts are to try and focus on our young adults as they emerge from college.

Caye has also spoken to Fr. Andrew about seeing if we can get some road signage to promote out location- he has told her what has happened in the past and she will check with the State and/or County to see what our legal options are, if any.


Karen submitted the following list of charities for our approval for the upcoming collections:

  1. OCF- "Real break" request for support for Guatemala trip 3/11 from Juliana Khouri to serve Hogan Rafael Ayan Orphanage.
  2. Ilaasi Friends of St. Herman Seminary Kodiak Alaska Fundraising 2006
  3. OCA mission appeal 2006
  4. OCMC2006 Mission Appeal (3/2006)
  5. Project Mexico and St. Innocent
  6. Additions: Lee did not go to St Peter and Paul

Lay Chairperson Report - Ken Stevens
absent, written report submitted

Pearl was going to check references through other participating parishes to verify satisfaction with the Natural Parish Growth Program and bring that information to the council. If the reference checking is highly positive- in both quantitative dimensions and qualitative dimensions ( increase in membership-improvement in fellowship) Ken would like to arrange for a teleconference with Fr. Ivanoff where the council could ask open-ended questions as a next step.

Pastoral Report - Father Andrew Harrison
present, written report submitted

  • Meetings - 5
  • Counseling sessions - 1
  • Services - 14 (Liturgies, Vespers, Matins)
  • House Visits/blessings/Shut ins - 7
  • New Member Visit - Scott & Katerina
  • Morning prayers - 6
  • Funeral 2 - Friend of Helen Partoll, buried in our cemetery & Thomas Lolakas
  • Hospital - 2
  • Car Mileage, Total miles = 1,276. - Business miles = 1.136. Personal miles = 140.
  • Odometer reading, Feb.1 - 52,044. - Feb. 28th - 53,320
  • Civil Air Patrol - Moral Leadership Class - 25 attending
  • Attended Dinner for retirement for Fr. Alexis Fedec
  • Orthodox Sunday service at St. George and Mission at St. Peter & Paul Bur Ridge
  • Lecture on Tithing at St. Peter & Paul Palos Heights
  • New Liturgical Books - 50 St. Basil Liturgy, 60 Presanctified Liturgy, 25 Akathist. We still need others replaced which will deplete the Liturgical supply budget
  • I have appointed Phillip Neznanov to handle all liturgical processions. The first was the procession for Orthodox Sunday.
  • Proto Deacon Andrew - nothing new to report
  • Altar servers, John Verderber - I will be scheduling a Altar Server meeting as soon as I can get the approval from the Sunday School teachers. We will go over the services for Holy Week and Pascha.
  • Handmaidens, Lynn Betsanes - The girls have been picked by Esther for Holy Friday night. We've been following an unwritten schedule for cutting the bread - this has been going well. In the next week or so I will begin practicing bell ringing for Pascha.
  • Readers, Jim Lewindowski - Nothing new to report
  • Choir, Maria Vrame - The choir is preparing for Pascha. With rehearsals on Sunday I am pleased with the progress the choir is making especially St. Basil’s Liturgy. We will be doing the Matins and Holy Unction on Holy Wednesday instead of Vespers
  • Vestments, Helen Partoll - The purple altar covers have been changed. All the Altar boy robes have new clips. Some of them are not repairable. We will need to purchase four more robes. We still have one set of altar covers, which need to be altered.


Luba asked father which altar cloth needed to be fixed. He replied, the red one.

Mike made a motion to accept the reports as presented. Bob 2nd. All agreed.

Old Business

Charities Approval

Maria proposed that proceeds from YO retreat, plus April benevolent contributions go to Project Mexico. Bob reported that we could match 50 cents on the dollar. Bob motioned that charitable contribution for April go to Project Mexico and St. Innocent. Anthea 2nd All approved.


The computer has been purchased. Phil will set it up.

Open church during week

Mike felt that this is not a good idea. Pearl suggested putting off a final decision on this matter until the Natural Church Development project is initiated.

Letter to Archbishop Job

Letter to Archbishop Job- Council secretary (Debra) and Evangelism (Anthea) will take care of that project.

New Business

Natural Church development

Pearl reported that she felt that this program would be very beneficial for our parish- identify weaknesses in promoting growth. A survey is completed by 30 church members- focus groups are developed based on results of the survey.

Luba responded; this is like strategic planning we developed a few years ago- how is this going to be different? Father responded-it’s not the same as strategic planning- Ken has, however, finished the 5-year plan. Luba further expressed concern that the Natural Church Development program identifies areas of weakness but the process of correcting problems will be left to us- risk that only a few people will be involved. She also asked why this wasn’t approved and budgeted for by the last council. Father Andrew responded that the cost will probably be about $4000 and suggested holding off on the survey until the council decides whether to go with this plan or another plan.

Carlus Taylor

Carlus is financially needy- wants to become Orthodox. He has a girlfriend and a baby girl. He wants us to baptize the baby.


Mike reported that the sidewalk may not be done in time. Anthea will be in charge of the Vigil schedule.

Nominations for new financial secretary

Anthea nominated Philip Nenzanov for financial secretary. Mike 2nd - all approved. Bob suggested having two people count the money- for protection of the person counting the money- (cash only). Pearl thought the safety person could be the second person Mike responded that safety person not a good idea- they’re running around. Mary Kincaid volunteered to count the money with Phil.


Luba made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Bob 2nd . All Agreed. The meeting was adjourned at 9 P.M.

Submitted by Debra Dandeles, Council Secretary