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Sunday Of The Cross

Cross Adorned With Flowers.

The third Sunday of Lent is the half way point of Great Lent. On this Sunday a flower decorated cross is displayed in the center of the sanctuary during the Liturgy. At the point in the Liturgy when normally "Holy God" is sung it is replaced with "Before Your Cross we bow down and worship You." During this hymn three prostrations are made. They signify our devotion to God and that we have accepted His cross. It is also given as a help to fight off the attacks of the Devil who during Lent wants us to fail in our fast and it helps us to keep our heart pointed toward the Cross and Christ's victory over death at Pascha. Below we see the parishioners bowing before the Cross

Parishioners Bow Before The Cross.

Orthodox Christian Clergy Association of Chicago Meets At St. Luke

Orthodox Christian Clergy Association of Chicago Meets At St. Luke.

The Orthodox Christian Clergy Association of Chicago had their bimonthly meeting at St. Luke. Topics of discussion were the successful Orthodox Sunday service with a record number of clergy, the December toy drive and the upcoming Orthodox Festival of Arts which will be held at the New Gracanica Monastery in Grays Lake on October 4th. During the meeting snacks were served by Nadia Doss who heads the fellowship ministry and Sue Lisowski who helped with preparation. After the meeting St. Luke Parish hosted a luncheon at the Grecian Corner Restaurant.

Triumph of Orthodoxy Vespers At St. George's Antiocian Orthodox Church

Vesper service at St. George Parish.

Four bishops, forty-three priests and six deacons along with hundreds of Orthodox Christians from the Chicago area gathered at St. George's Antiocian Orthodox Church for the annual celebration of the Triumph of Orthodoxy Vespers. The above photo shows the clergy entering the church. The Pan-Orthodox Choir of Chicago sang the responses.

Bishops in Attendence.

Bishops attending from left to right - Bishop Job - Orthodox Church in America, Archbishop Vsevolod - Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Iakovos - Greek Orthodox Church and Metropolitan Christopher - Serbian Orthodox Church Archbishop Vselolod gave an inspiring sermon suggesting that we treat each other the way we treat Icons for we are made in God's image (icon)

Father Andrew in Icon Procession.

Fr. Andrew carrying an Icon of St. Nikephorus of Constantinople in the procession of Icons. At the completion of the procession all recited the proclamation of Orthodoxy.

Proclamation of Orthodoxy

As the Prophets beheld, as the Apostles have taught, as the Church has received, as the Teachers have dogmatized, as the Universe has agreed, as Grace has shown forth, as Truth has revealed, as falsehood has been dissolved, as Wisdom has presented, as Christ has triumphed; This we believe, this we declare, this we preach: Christ our true God, and his Saints we honor in words, in writings, in thoughts, in deeds, in churches, in holy Icons, on the one hand bowing down and worshiping Christ as God and Master, on the other hand honoring the Saints as true servants of the Master of all and offering to them due veneration.

This is the faith of the Apostles!
This is the faith of the Fathers!
This is the faith of the Orthodox!
This is the faith which established the Universe!

Sunday of Orthodoxy Liturgy At St. Luke Parish
March 2003

Icon Procession.

This Sunday Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy. This is in remembrance of the day when icons were allowed back into the church after years of persecution. Orthodox Christians do not worship icons but instead venerate them and use them as windows into the spiritual. They are not graven images as Christ came into the world in the flesh as man and God. To Orthodox Christians every icon is a reminder that Christ came in the flesh to save us from our sins. Following Liturgy the parishioners madea procession around the church carrying icons to symbolize the return of icons into the church. (see pictures above and below)

Icon Procession.

Parishioners Gather and recite the Proclamation of Orthodoxy.

Following the icon procession, the parishioners gathered in the front of the church and recited together the proclamation of orthodoxy.

Cabinets and Countertops
March 2003

New Cabinets and Countertops.

At long last the new kitchen area has cabinets and countertops. The dishwasher and new sink will be connected shortly and the kitchen will be ready to use. On April 5th following Liturgy, the parishioners will gather for a spring clean up and move everything into the new kitchen.

Children's Sermon For Lent
March 2003

Children Gather For Sermon.

Father Andrew began this month's children's sermon by asking them what you need to do to have a healthy body. He got answers like excercise, eating vegetables, and eating soup. The children had a harder time when he asked them what you need to do to have a healthy spirit. The reason we must have a healthy spirit is to become a friend of God. Without a healthy spirit we are not able to receive His friendship. He went on to explain that first of all we need to forgive one another as Christ commanded. This is why we start Lent with forgivness vespers where we have the chance to forgive one another. This serice will be held next Sunday evening. Next we need to fast. Father Andrew showed the children a basket of candy and explained that he will keeep this candy as a means of them fasting from it and they can have it when lent is over. Thirdly, we need to do good works and help the needy. Each child was given a can in which to put their coins that will be given to help the needy. The fourth thing necessary for a healthy spirit is prayer. We spend a longer time at church and we should be praying for all the suffering people in the world especially for the orphans who we will be collecting for. Father explained that these are things that help us to have a healthy spirit. (See picture below)

Father Andrew talks about fasting and donating to the needy.

New Member's Luncheon
March 2003

Service for new members.

It is our custom at St. Luke Parish that once a year prior to Lent we have a day to honor and welcome all those who joined the parish during the past year. Father Andrew began with a short prayer with all the new members.

Each new member receives an icon from Father Andrew.

Next Father Andrew presented each new member with an icon.

New members are presented to the parish.

Father presented the new members to the congregation and charged us all with the responsibilty to help all the new members to grow in the faith.

Lunch is served.

A brunch was then served in the new fellowship hall.

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