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A Roof Over Our Heads
March 2002

Things are really starting to take shape. The brickwork continues on the front of the building and in the staircase area. Temporary entrance to building is shown and the old brickwork removed for the corner of the existing structure.

Brickwork also completed on the front of the building. Temporary entrance and old brickwork removed.

Here we can see the inside of the building with the roof overhead. This gives us an idea of the actual size of the space involved. Also we see a view from the inside looking out where the entrance to the new building will be.

View from inside out new entrance Inside view of first floor

Bishop Job Blesses Iconastasis
March 2002

Bishop Job blesses iconastasis.

His Grace Bishop Job (His Grace Bishop Job: Biography Page) made his Lenten visit to St. Luke on Wednesday March 27th. Before celebrating the Presanctified Liturgy he blessed our new Iconostas. Rob Ketchmark a member of our Parish family constructed it of oak. The Icons (see Iconography) in the Iconostas were painted in the traditional egg tempera method by Heather Mac Kean. Heather, who resides in Portland, Oregon, recently finished the Royal Doors which hold icons of Solomon, David, the four Evangelists and the icon of the Annunciation of Mary the Theotokos.

Sunday of Orthodoxy at Holy Resurrection Cathedral
March 2002

Clergy are gathered

Three Bishops, forty Priests and 1000 faithful gathered at Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Chicago for the annual celebration of the Sunday of Orthodoxy. This event has been celebrated by Orthodox Christians around the world since 787 A.D. It commemorates the restoration of Holy Icons, which were banned from use in Orthodox Churches. A faction within the Orthodox Church using political intrigue had them banned because they believed there use was against the second commandment of God. The 7th Ecumenical Council settled the argument and restored them for veneration on the bases of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. (See Iconography)

Procession with icons

Front of New Building Takes Shape
March 2002

Front of the new building takes shape.

Brickwork continues as almost all of the cinder block work in completed. In this picture you can see the new window opening on the left, the area for the entrance to the new building in the center, and in the right foreground the base of the new bell tower.

Fundraiser For Orthodox Translation Of Old Testament A Success
March 16, 2002

Group discusses project. Group discusses project.

On the evening of March 16, 2002, several Orthodox Christians from various Orthodox jurisdictions gathered at the home of St. Luke parishioners, Ken and Carla Stevens. Fr. Peter Gillquist (Dept. of Missions and Evangelism, Antiochian Archdiocese) described the process, progress, and needs of the Old Testament Project currently being carried out at St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology in Elk Grove, California. The project's goal is to produce an English-language Orthodox Old Testament from the Septuagint version that was completed in 246 B.C. (This is the only version of the Old Testament that is recognized by the Orthodox Church).

In response to a mailing entitled "A Call to God's People in Chicagoland," over $16,000 was presented to Fr. Peter that evening. Money still coming in will bring the total to over $25,000.

Included in the pictures above are Bill Morrison (Antiochian Orthodox, Warrenville) and Speros Kinnas (Greek Orthodox, Westchester). Peter Jokich (Serbian Orthodox, South Chicagoland) and Lou Milicich (Serbian Orthodox, North Chicagoland) were also present. All of these men, as well as St. Luke parishioner Lee Kopulos, facilitated the mailing.

For more information or to make donations to this worthy project, please email Lee Kopulos, our Outreach Leader

Group discusses project. Group discusses project.

Progress, Progress, Progress
March 2002

With the streak of good weather, the construction project is really starting to roll along. Below you can see the cinder blocks forming the new narthex of the church and the beginnings of the roof in this area. The second picture shows a side view from inside the new building. In the lower right hand corner is the beginnings of the bell tower and on the second floor of the cider blocks, you can see the opening into the choir loft that will allow access from the bell tower.

Side view showing new roof and narthex. Start of bell tower

Below we can see the beginnings of the front wall of the new addition. The other view gives us an idea of how much more the addition will add to the existing structure.

Front of new addition begins. Overall view of scope of addition

Cornerstone Removed
March 2002

Cornerstone removed. Father Harrison examines compartment.

On March 11 the cornerstone which was part of building facade since 1904 was removed for construction of the new narthex. Upon removal it was discovered that the block of stone had a compartment. Fr Andrew inspected the block and phoned Fr. Homer the Rector of Sacred Heart Catholic Parish in Palos Hills. More research will be needed before a decision will be made to open it.

History of St. Luke Parish Building since 1904

Close up off sealed compartment Previous location of cornerstone

New Members Welcomed to St. Luke
March 2002

Dan receives his icon from Father Harrison.

St Luke welcomed it's new members today. Father Harrison prayed for them and asked us all to welcome and help them. The Prosphora (monastery baked altar bread) was donated today by the parish for our new members: Jim and Laura Paris, Dan Mahoney, Elvira Badica and Alexander, and Adolph Harrison (Laura had a baby girl). In addition, new members will receive an icon from the parish. We pray for them and welcome them into our family.

Service for Welcoming New Members

Priest - Do you wish to become members of St. Luke Parish

New Member - I do

Priest -Will you do you part to for the building up of Christ holy Church

New Member - I will

Priest: Let us pray to the Lord,

Choir: Lord have mercy

O Lord God Almighty, because of Your great and incalculable love for us You have shown us the right path to the knowledge of You, the one true God, worshiped and glorified in the Trinity. We give thanks to You because You have directed Your servants (Names) to become members of St. Luke's parish. We pray that they will be illumined with the knowledge and understanding of Your Holy Scripture so that they will follow your ordinances. We pray that they may not be absent from Your house but will enter it with faith and thanksgiving always worshiping and glorifying Your holy name. We pray that they may partake often of Your holy body and blood not unto judgement or condemnation but to eternal life. We pray that they will be preserved from all evil attacks of the enemy. So that on Your fearful judgement day they will be numbered with those on your right hand. And we pray that we may all become one as You are one with your eternal Father, and Life Giving Spirit always now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen

Icon is presented - Turn to face Congregation

Priest - These new members are given to your care. Love them as Christ loves you. Help them mature in the faith so they may fulfill Christ command to preach the gospel.

New Bond Issue Starts for the New Building
March 2002

Bond company representative speaks to the parish.

The second phase of our bond program for the new building got underway today. An additional 200,000 in Church bonds are avialable for sale at highly favorable rates. If you missed out the first time, now is the time to get involved before they are gone again. A representative from the bond company spoke to the parish. Father Harrison also spoke to us about the need for us to tithe our 10 percent of the building costs and offered the building fund envelopes as a possible way to do this. He also suggested donations to the Buy a Brick program, the Bell Fund, or to the Adopt A Room program.

Youth Organization Bake Sale for Charity
March 2002

Baked goods sold for the Coptic orphans.

Y.O. the St. Luke Youth Organization held a bake sale with the proceeds being donated to the Coptic Orphans. In addition to providing the parish with some tasty baked goods, they raised a nice amount to be given to the orphans.

New Entrance Takes Shape
March 2002

Cinder blocks define the new entrance for the Church.

Despite the cold and the snow, construction continues to move ahead. The addition to the front of the Church is seen here.

St. Luke Attends Service for Christian Unity
March 2002

SS. Cyril and Methodious Church, a view from the choir loft.

St. Luke parishioneers attended the 16th Annual Service Of Prayer for Christian Unity. The service was held in Lemont at SS. Cyril and Methodious Parish at 3:00 P.M. on March 3rd. Archpriest Andrew Harrison spoke concerning the aspects of faith that unite us all and the efforts that are going on to truely bring this about. The St. Luke choir sang Blessed is the Man and participated in singing the rest of the Program.

Liturgy in The Catacombs
March 2002

Liturgy in the Catacombs

Due to the construction and the cold weather, the front of the Church had to be covered in plastic this week. Liturgy was held in the old basement. The founders of the parish refer to it as the catacombs because of the poor shape it was in when we first purchased the building. Hence Liturgy in the catacombs. Talk about going back to your roots. Following Liturgy, Father Harrison explained some of the events that occur during the Liturgy that the congregation doesn't normally see due to the iconastasis. Everything went smoothly and this will be one of those times that we talk about in the future.

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