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All American Council Elects New Metropolitan
July 2002

Logo for All-American Council meeting

The 13th All-American Council was held July 21 thru July 26th in Orlando, Florida. With the retirement of Metropolitan Theodosius, the main focus of the meeting was the election of a new Metropolitan. Above we can see the logo for the meeting.

St. Luke represented at the meeting

Fr. Andrew and Roslyn Stevens our official delegates standing in front of an exhibit about the history of Primatial elections with Lee and Maria Kopulos who came as observers.

Opening ceremony Delegates Gathered.

Above and below we see images from the meeting itself. The opening ceremony commemorated the memory of the events on September 11, 2001. All the delegates were gathered and the meeting proceded. We can see a picture of the results of the first ballot for the new Metropolitan. Bishop Seraphim of Canada got the highest vote but failed to get the 2/3 majority. Archbishop Herman of Eastern Pennsylvania was selected by the synod of bishops after the second ballot.

Delegates gathered. Results Of First Ballot.
Scenes from Liturgy.

Above and below we see pictures from the first liturgy celebrated by Metropolitan Herman with the former Metropolitan Theodosius.

Scenes from Liturgy

The first picture is of Metropolitan Herman. The second next to it is the last liturgy celebrated by Metropolitan Theodosius as Metropolitan.

Metropolitan Herman Last Liturgy celebrated by Metropolitan Theodosius as Metropolitan.

Father Andrew receives a blessing from newly elected Metropolitan Herman.

Father Harrison receives blessing from the new Metropolitan.

A grand banquet was held honoring the life and work of Metropolitan Theodosius which was attended by Fr. Andrew, Roslyn Stevens and Jerry Kincaid. Speakers included Metropolitan Kyril representing the Russian Orthodox Church who admonished the OCA to become a leader of inter-orthodox unity in America and Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America who spoke about the great humility of Metropolitan Theodosius and about his leadership in bringing about closer relationships with all Orthodox jurisdictions in America.

St. Luke at the ending dinner
Metropolitan Kyril Archbishop Demetrios

Odds And Ends
July 2002

Cross placed on top of bell tower

After the dome was hoisted into place, a large Cross was placed on top.

Handicapped ramp poured leading to front door

This view shows the completion of the handicapped ramp system. Using the ramps, those with disability may enter the Church without going up even a single stair.

Completed conference room

This shows one of the rooms completed with carpeting. This room happens to be the conference room.

View of the atrium with floor tile in place and drywalled in preparation for painting

The atrium has been tiled and the walls have been taped and drywalled. Painting should begin shortly.

Construction of walls in center of bell tower staircase

This view shows the walls of the center of the bell tower staircase under construction.

Sidewalks Poured
July 2002

View of sidewalks

This week the sidewalks were poured for the new building. Handicapped ramps will provide access to the main door.

View of sidewalks
View of sidewalks
Wall palced in center of stairs to bell tower

This view shows the inner walls of the stairway inside the bell tower under construction.

Topping It All Off
July 2002

View of exterior with dome in place

This week the completed dome was placed on top of the bell tower using a crane. The building is rapidly nearing completion and should be done in approximately two weeks. Next week the sidewalks are scheduled to be poured and work will continue on the interior. Above we can see an overall view of the building, while below we see a close up of the completed dome in place on the bell tower. A large Cross is yet to be placed on top of the center of the dome.

Close up of dome on bell tower

Sun, Fun, And Chilli: St. Luke's Annual Picnic
July 2002

Gathering at St. Luke Annual Picnic

Once again the parishioneers of St. Luke Parish braved the wilderness for their annual picnic. The weather was wonderful and apparently all had a great time. The theme for this years picnic was a Chilli Cook Off.

Table with chilli contestants. Chilli tasters.

Above we can see the table for the chilli contestants and some of the chilli tasters.

Who are these guys with the sunglasses? Children gather for fun of their own.

Apparently fearing that some of the chilli may have been altered by extraterrestrials, the men in black decided to try the chilli for themselves. The children unconcered by all this were having a great time on their own. Below one of our young parishioneers decided that his shirt tasted better than the chilli, while still others gather for some quiet time.

Sometimes your shirt does taste better. Gathering of parishioneers

Entertainment was provided by some of our talented youth.

One of our talented youth
Winner of the Great Chilli Cook Off

When the dust cleared, the winner of the Chilli Cook Off was announced and awarded her prize.

Father Andrew Receives Memorial Section of Trade Center
July 2002

After receiving permission from the city of New York, Father Andrew went to pick up a section of the World Trade Center to be used as a memorial in connection with the new building at St. Lukes. Below we see Father Andrew standing at the site with the memorial

Father Andrew standing at the Site of the former World Trade Center with the beam which he brought back to St. Luke in Palos Hills

The following is an article from the Daily Southtown. Below we can see more pictures from Father Andrew's trip to New York

Source: The Daily South Town
Date: July 1, 2002
Title: "You Just Want to Cry": Palos Hills Preacher Visits WTC Site
Author: Jim Hook, Staff Writer

The Rev. Andrew Harrison had a few weeks to prepare himself for what would confront him once he reached the site of the World Trade Center in New York. He still wasn't ready for what he saw when he arrived last week to pick up a piece of steel beam from the towers that will be used as a memorial in the 98 year--old St. Luke the Evangelist Orthodox Church in Palos Hills.

Harrison said Monday he doesn't know if he could have ever really been ready for what he experienced when he arrived at ground zero. "You just want to cry," he said. "But there is anger there too. You ask yourself why would someone do this to us," Harrison said.

He said he was amazed at the size of the hole in the ground where the towers and other prominent buildings once stood majestically over the New York City landscape. "The mass destruction in and around there is incredible," Harrison said. "The whole area is devastated. "There's a kind of reverence associated with the site," he said. "It's like a cemetery."

Harrison said everywhere he looked he was reminded of the tragedy that occurred Sept 11. He said he saw signs that said, "Don't call this Ground Zero, but rather the Ground of Heroes" and "We will never forget." Harrison said being at the site "made it real." "You watch it on TV or read about it in the newspaper and you are removed from it," he said. "But when you are there, it has a real impact on you."

Harrison said he was most affected by front-page photos in a New York Times newspaper that showed people hanging off buildings and jumping to their deaths Sept. 11. "People were actually jumping from these tall buildings," he said, pausing for a moment to compose himself "I had dreams about what that must have been like on my trip back.

"Harrison returned last week with a 200-pound piece of steel beam from one of the World Trade Center. He said a church committee will decide where to display the piece of steel beam. One option, Harrison said, is including it in the church's new bell tower.

The 160-member, Orthodox church, is undergoing. a $1 million renovation that includes new Sunday school classrooms, offices, a vestibule, a basement and the bell tower. Harrison wrote a letter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg asking for a piece of the World Trade Center to incorporate into the church's new bell tower. He said he received a phone call two weeks ago from Bloomberg's office saying his request had been granted.

Bloomberg's office has allocated more than 93 pieces of steel to church and nonprofit groups on the stipulation that they be used as memorials. Harrison picked up the steel beam from a cordoned-off section of ground zero. He wrapped the steel beam in an American flag for the journey home. "I took special care driving home with that beam." Harrlson said "It's sacred because 2,823 lives are connected to it."

Construction Workers

Above we see the two construction workers who assisted Father Andrew by preparing the memorial for transport. Below we see them loading the memorial into the rented Ford Van that Father Andrew drove to New York City

Construction workers load memorial into Car
Father Andrew places flag over memorial

Above we see Father Andrew covering the memorial with an American flag as you would for the burial of national hero. Below we see a banner: WE WILL NEVER FORGET under a Bank which will be torn down because of damage.

Banner On Site

Signs of Healing
July 2002

The pictures below were taken during Father Andrew's trip to pick up the memorial. Everywhere signs of rebuilding and healing were evident. They are a testimony to the resiliency of the human spirit and the healing powers of our Lord and Savior.

Images Of Healing Images Of Healing
Images Of Healing Images Of Healing
Images Of Healing Images Of Healing
Images Of Healing Images Of Healing
Images Of Healing Images Of Healing
Images Of Healing Images Of Healing
Images Of Healing Images Of Healing

Side Trip to St. Vladimir's Seminary
July 2002

The bishop pictured is Bishop Seraphim retired bishop of Japan and Fr. Lisenko.

On the way back from New York, Father Andrew made a side trip to St Vladimir's Seminary. In the above picture we can see Father Andrew, Fr. Lisenko and Bishop Seraphim retired bishop of Japan standing by the car containing the memorial from the World Trade Center.

Andrew Lukashonak is pictured at the new Library at St. Vladimir's

Above Andrew Lukashonak stands at the doors of the new library. Below we see the interior of the library

Interior view of new library
View of Bells View of Bells

While he was there Father Andrew took advantage and did some homework concerning the new bells for our bell tower. He took these pictures to demonstrate how there were set up. A similiar system will shortly be installed in our new bell tower at St. Lukes.

View of Bells View of Bells