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Abandoned children, X.4
Abortion, XII.2
	Human life sacred from its conception, XII.2
	Church’s responsibility to protect the unborn, XII.2
	Pastoral care, repentance & Confession, XII.2
	Responsibility by mother, father, doctor, XII.2
	Abortion, biblical condemnation, XII.2
	Abortion, condemned by Church Canons, XII.2
	Abortion, Patristic condemnation, XII.2
Abstinence (mutual) in marital relations, XII,3
Adoption, XII.2
Alcoholism, X1.6
Alcoholism, spiritual causes, XI.6
Alcoholism, spiritual healing, XI.6
Athletic competition, positive & negative, XI.3
Artificial insemination, XII.4
Arts, culture & the Church, XIV.2

Bio-Ethics, Problems of, XII
Birth-control, XII.3
Body as a temple of the Holy Spirit, X.6
Brotherhoods, volunteers to help the infirm, XI.2
Byzantine Symphony of Church & State, III.4

Caesaro-papist Church-state relations, III.4
Canon law, IV.5
Capital punishment, IX.3
Celibacy, X.1
Charity towards prisoners, IX.3
Charity for the needy by the employed, VI.6
Charity, Brotherhoods & Sisterhoods, XI.2
Chastity, X.6
Children in the family, X.4
Children, their Christian upbringing, X.4
Children & parents’ responsibility, X.4
Children, bearing only in 2-parent family, XII.4
	Nature of, I.1
	As Body of Christ, I.2
	Kenosis, I.2
	Restoration of world, I.2
Called to serve, I.2,
Ministry of, I.3
Stewardship, I.3
	Life in the, I.3
Church and Nation, II
	Old Testament prototype, II.1
	People of God, II.1
	Promised Land, II.1
	Church and national identify, II.2
Church and Politics, V
Church and State, III
	In Russia, history of church-state relations:
		Tsarist, Synodal, Communist, modem, III.4
	In West:  Latin church-state relations, III.4
		Two-swords doctrine of church-state, III.4
		Protestant church-state relations, III.4
		Established church-state relations, III.4
		American church-state relations, III.4
		Multi-confessional church-state relations, III.4
		Radical separation of church & state, III.4
		Anti-religious church-state relations, III.4
		Church as legal public corporation, III.4
	Orthodox view of church-state relations, III.5
	Persecution of church by state, III.5
	Church & form of government, III.7
	Church & political doctrines, III.7
	Areas of cooperation today, III.7
	Areas of non-cooperation today, III.7
	Church-state relations, guidelines, III.9
Civil disobedience, III.5, IV.9
Civil law & Orthodox Christians, IV.9
Civil obedience, IV.9
Clergy, participation in politics, V.2
Clergy, non-interference in politics, V.2
Clergy prohibited from participating in politics, III.11
Cloning, XII.5
Codex. of Justinian, IV.5
Confession as a means of healing, XI.1
Confession, secrecy of & crime, IX.2
Conjugal relations, mutual abstinence from, XII,3
Cooperation in society, V.2
Contraception, XII.3
Courts (secular) & internal church disputes, 111.9
Crime, Punishment, Reformation, IX
	Causes of crime, IX.1
	Prevention of crime, IX.2
	Crime & secrecy of Confession, IX.2
	Punishment as inner purification, IX.3
	Crime & repentance, IX.4
Culture, XIV.2
	Religious roots of culture, XIV.2
	Biblical & Patristic views on culture, XIV.2
	Culture & Church, relationship between XIV.2

Death penalty, IX.3
Death & dying issues, XII.8
	Humane & honorable end of life, X11.8
	Care for the terminally ill, X11.8
	Euthanasia forbidden as homicide, XII.8
	Suffering, XII.8
Demographic crisis in Russia today, XI.4
Divine sanction of power, III.7
Divorce, X.3
Divorce, grounds for, X.3
Doctors’ moral duty to serve all in need, XI.3
Doctors & financial reward, XI.3
Doctor-patient relationship, freedom & dignity, XI.3
Donations to the church, VII.4
Drug-addiction, spiritual causes, XI.6
Drug-addiction, spiritual healing, XI.6
Drug-use & addiction, XI.6
Drinking, spiritual causes, XI.6
Drunkenness, in the Bible, XI.6
Drunkenness, in writings of Church Fathers, XI.6

Ecological Problems & the Church, XIII
Ecological crisis & man’s spiritual crisis, XIII.5
Education, XIV.3
	Secular schools & religious perspectives, XIV.3
	Religious education, XIV.3
Equality between sexes, X. 1
Embryo, recognition of human dignity of, XII.4
Environmental crisis, XIII.3
Environment, Orthodox Church’s view, XIII.4
Ethics (Christian) & secular law, IV
Euthanasia, XII.8
Evil, struggle with, & war, VIII.4

	Family as a domestic church, X.4
	Symbolism of family & church, X.4
	Family and children, X.4
	Struggle against society & sexual sins, X.6
Fertilization, outside mother’s body, XII.4
Fetal-therapy, condemned as abortion, XII.7
Fornication, X.6
Free love, X.6
Free will, IV.6
Freedom, IV.6
Freedom of conscience as a human right, III.6

Gender equality, X.1
Genetic disorders, XII.5
Genetic engineering, XII.5
Genetic screening, XII.5
Gifts of the Holy Spirit, I.3
Globalization, XVI.3
	Imposed secular world-view, XVI.3
	Exploitation & domination by rich elite, XVI.3

Health, Personal and National, XI
	The church as a community of healing, XI.1
	Spiritual & physical health inseparable, XI.1
	Confession as a means of healing, XI.1
	Biblical attitude towards medicine, XI.1
	Goal of healing is deification, XI.1
	Healing power of the Holy Spirit, XI.1
	Suffering & illness, XI.1
	Establishing spiritual environment in clinics, XI.2
	People’s health vital to church’s mission, XI.3
Health care & church’s ministry, XI.2
Health care to be available to all, XI.3
Health care workers, their ministry & duty, XI.2
Health workers, bearing Christian witness to, XI.2
Hereditary diseases, XII.5
Homosexuality, XII.9
	Biblical & Patristic condemnation, XII.9
	A perversion of God-created human nature, XII.9
	Pastoral care & responsibility, XII.9
Human rights, IV.6
Human body, a temple of the Holy Spirit, X.6

Illness, spiritual causes of, XI.1
Illness, thanking God for, XI.1
In vitro fertilization
Infertility, XII.4
International Relations; Problems of Globalization &
		Secularism, XVI
	International relations, biblical history, XVI.1
	International relations, Christian ideal, XVI.1
	Sovereignty & territorial integrity, XVI.1
	Mono-& multi-ethnic states, XVI.1
	Unification vs. dismembering of states, XVI.1
	Principles for international cooperation, XVI.1
	Benefits of international cooperation, XVI.2
	Potential problems of internationalization, XVI.2
	Uncontrolled power of transnational corps., XVI.3

Just War, principles of, VIII.3
Just War, conditions of, VIII.3
Justifiable war, VIII.2

Labor & its Fruits, V1
	Labor & the Sabbath, VI.2
	Labor & divine work, VI.2
	Labor’s rhythm & creation, VI.2
	Labor, blessed & unblessed, VI.4
	Labor, moral meaning of, VI.4
	Labor, acceptable & unacceptable, VI.5
	Labor & wages, VI.6
	Labor & caring for the needy, VI.6
Law, divine, IV.1, IV.3-4
Law, human, secular, IV.2
Law, Canon, IV.5
Law-enforcement, church cooperation with, IX.4

Man-nature relationship, XIII.2
Mass Media & the Church, XV
	Media’s responsibility for truth & morality, XV.1
	Church opposes violence & exploitation, XV.1
	Media & clergy, guidelines, XV.2
	Laity in the media, guidelines, XV.2
	Mutual cooperation & responsibility, XV.2
	Conflicts between secular media & Church, XV.3
Medicine, biblical attitude towards, XI.1
Men & women, their equality & distinctions, X.5
Men & women, relationship with each other, X.5
	Sanctity of, X.1
	As legal contract, X.2
	Epistle for, (Eph. 5:22-33), X.2
	In early church, X.2
	Blessed by church, X.2
	Civil & blessed by church, X.2
	In church history, X.2
	Common-law &civil, X.2
	Interfaith, X2
	Common faith of Orthodox spouses, X.2
	Orthodox view, X.2
	As a ‘mystery of love,’ X.2
	Under Soviet law, X.2
	Life-long fidelity, X.3
	Indissoluble, X.3
	2’ & 3’ allowed, X.3
Medical work as performing works of mercy, XI.1
Medical work based on service of love, XI.1
Medical workers, their ministry & Christian duty, XI.2
Medicine, biblical attitude towards, XI.1
Mental illness, pastoral aid & psychotherapy, XI.5
Mentally ill person’s dignity & freedom preserved, XI.5
Ministry of the church to prisoners, IX.3
Morality in war, VIII.3

Nation, II.1-4
Nationalism, positive qualities, II.3
Nationalism, negative qualities, II.4
Natural resources, distribution & consumption, XIII.1
Nature &humanity, relationship between, XIII.2

Organ explantation, XII.7
Organ transplant donation, must be voluntary, XII.7
Organ transplantation, XII.7
Orthodox Church in a secular state, III.6

Parents’ responsibility for their children, X.4
Patient’s right to respect, freedom & dignity, XI.3
Patient’s right to free choice,XI.3
Patriotism, II.3
Peace, biblical vs. political, VIII.5
Peace, Old Testament vision, VIII.5
Peace, New Testament vision, VIII.5
Peace, inner, VIII.5
Peacemaking & the Russian Orthodox Church, VIII.5
Persecution of church by state, III.5
Personal, Family & Public Morality, X
Personal & National Health, XI
Physician-assisted suicide, XII.8
Pollution of the earth & biosphere, XIII.1-5
Pornography, X.6
Pre-natal diagnostics, XII.5
Prisoners, charity towards, IX.3
Prisoners, moral purification, IX.3
Prisoners, church’s ministry to, IX.3
Prisons, church’s ministry in, IX.3
Prostitution, X.6
Property, VII
	Right to own property, VII.1
	Spiritual vs. sinful attitudes towards property, VII.1
	Pursuit of wealth, VII.2
	Charity & wealth, VII.2
	Moral use of wealth, VII.2-3
	Property of the church & taxation, VII.4
Punishment for crime as inner purification, IX.3

Rationalistic world-view incomplete, XIV.1
Religious education, XIV.3
Repentance & crime, IXA
Reproductive rights, XII.4
Russian civil law, history, IV.8

Science, natural & human, XIV.1
Secular courts & internal church disputes, III.9
Secular Science, Culture & Education, XIV
Secularization, Church’s opposition to, XVI.4
Science & technology, XIV.1
Science, restore link with moral values, XIV.1
Science & religion, not opposed, XIV.1
Science & Church must cooperate, XIV.1
Sex education in schools, X.6
Sexual equality, X.1
Sexual orientation, XII.9
Sexes, differences between, X.1
Sexes, equality between, X.1
Sin’s effect on society, IV.3
Sisterhoods, volunteers to help the infirm, XI.2
Soldiers & morality, VIII.4
Sports, extreme commercialization today, XI.3
St. George, icon of, & struggle with evil, VIII.4
Suffering &illness, XI.1
Suffering-a means of salvation, XI.1
Suffering, enduring with humility & patience, X1.1
Suffering, meeting Christ
Surrogate motherhood, XII.4
Symphony of Church & State, III.4

Taxation of church property, VII.4
Transnational corporations, exploitation, XVI.3
Transnational corporations, power, XVI.3
Transplantation of organs, XII.7
Transsexuality, XII.9

Unity of the Church, in society, V.2
Unity of nations, XVI.1

Virginity, X.1
Volunteers, brother/sisterhoods, health support XI.2

War & Peace, III
	Causes of war, VIII.1
	Justification for war, VIII.2
	Principles of a Just War, VIII.3
	Morality in war, VIII.3
	War & struggle with evil, VIII.4
Wealth, pursuit of, VII.2
Wealth & charity, VII.2
Wealth, its moral use, VII.2-3
Women, their dignity, high-calling, X.5
Women, their role in the family, church & society, X.5
World-view, rationalistic, XIV.1
World-view, religious, XIV.1
World-view, secular, XIV.1