Serving as sacristan is a wonderful way to fulfill the vital mission of the subdiaconate. Subdeacons are ordained to serve in Christ’s Holy Church. I try to ensure that Fr. Andrew and Pdn. Andrew are able to celebrate the divine services with everything in its proper place, minimal distractions and in an atmosphere of prayer and peace.

In the ordination prayer for the subdiaconate, the bishop asks God to grant that the subdeacon will:

“…love the beauty of Your house, standing before the doors of Your holy temple, and lighting the lamps of the dwelling place of Your glory. Plant him in Your holy Church like a fruitful olive tree bringing forth the fruits of righteousness.” To this end, I strive to cherish the church in all its beauty, keep the lamps lit and endure like the olive tree planted in the garden of the Lord. Glory to God for all things!

Job Description

1. Deacons are assigned to the parish by the Bishop and are the
Rector’s assistants: therefore they are not part of the Parish Council. The Deacon’s
place in the community is one of humble “service to the least of her brothers and
sisters”. They may attend Council meetings and represent the rector when he is not able
to attend. They may report on projects that have been assigned to them by the rector. They
do not have a vote on council decisions.

2. Duties – with the knowledge and blessing of the Rector;
Represent the parish at the Diocesan Assembly; Teach Bible studies and catechetical
classes; Visit shut-ins, prisoners, and the sick; Assist when possible at all liturgical
and sacramental functions; Help Rectors in other parishes with liturgical and sacramental
functions; Be cognoscente of, church attendance and conduct and report when necessary; Be
available for charitable outreach, mission and evangelism.

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Job Description

The Sacristan takes care of all the needs of the Altar area for preparation for Liturgy on Sunday and Holy Days and assists the Deacons and Priests during the service. He makes sure that all vigil lights are working and the censer is prepared. When asked he provides all necessary objects for blessings and memorials. He is in charge of the Altar Servers and trains them so they able to assist during the services. He coordinates the Matins service on Sunday and keeps all liturgical books up to date. He is responsible to print the Sunday bulletin and inserts.

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